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Lucha Libre - Mexican Wrestling - a first taste

Sunday February 8, 2009

Psycho Clown

The posters were up advertising an upcoming lucha libre event in the Plaza de Toros.  We decided we had to see this celebrated Mexican "sport".  Besides, what other chance would we get to be in the bullring without going to a bullfight?

When we went to buy tickets at Chico's Pizza at Gran Plaza, our friends talked us into getting front row ringside seats (at 220 pesos a pop!), to better enjoy the "in your face" action.

We arrived early, and had to go down a steep ramp to get to our seats in the middle of the bullring.

The seats slowly filled, and many of the younger fans were wearing masks of their favorite luchadores.

This one is a fan of Psycho Clown of the Psycho Circus.

This one likes La Parka.

Snacks and souvenirs were available.  Each of these cotton candy packets contained a novelty note!

It was almost dark before the first bout was under way.  One of the luchadores ran around the ring to greet his fans beforehand.

Another stood on the ropes to call for support.

Sometimes the fight was taken out of the ring.

Look out below!

What else does the true fan need but a mini lucha libre ring, complete with luchadores!

A luchador greets fans before the next bout.  But what's that he's holding in his left hand?

Wow, they were fireworks!  Spectacular!!

Mario Mora spent a lot of time haranguing the crowd on the microphone and flaunting his rude t-shirt.

Oh no! A luchador is unmasking another while horrified fans look on!

He gets his comeuppance soon enough, right in front of us!

Kenzo Suzuki was popular with the female fans.

Gosh, where did that chair come from?!

El Elegido really played up to the ladies!

He put on quite a show for us, including a little pole-dancing at the end!

My goodness, what is he doing with that girl?!

Now for some real wrestling!

Time for a snack between bouts.

Then it was time for the Psycho Circus to present themselves.  First, Zombie Clown!

Killer Clown looks tough ....

And Psycho Clown looks crazy!

More fireworks, this time from the posts!

Electro Shock tries to unmask La Parka and draws blood!

El Mesiah is taking a pummeling at the ropes.

Eventually the winners were declared, a celebratory cake was cut and the ring quickly filled with young boys trying out their own luchador moves.

What a night!  We watched horrified as chairs were being passed into the ring to be used as weapons, and saw the unsuspecting referee cop a few punches and throws, all in good fun.  We laughed hard at some of the antics of the luchadores and the fans who were egging them on.  It was the highlight of our trip and we'll definitely have to go again!

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