What's Sheryll up to now?

(February 9 - March 20, 2008)

Living in Centro


For an overview of Mazatlán and some photos of the landmarks, please visit my 2003 webpage.

After staying 3 nights in a basic hotel room, we lucked into a nice, second-floor one-bedroom apartment in Centro. The building used to be a large house, but it was being converted into 6 apartments.

Our living room had a fantastic view of the surrounding countryside, complete with farm animals!
(Heh, heh, just kidding!  The landlord is a painter and there were several paintings like this throughout the apartment complex.)

From the roof garden, you could see the cathedral.

You could also see Icebox Hill, the Mirador, the cruise ships and even El Faro!

This is the part of Centro where our apartment was, viewed from the Mirador.

We were woken up at 7 every morning by a motorbike attached to a taco stand which was parked in the pensión behind our bedroom.  It didn't have a muffler for the first couple of weeks!

A dog and her 4 pups also lived there, and we often watched them play together from our rooftop. Mexican dogs are taught to be suspicious of people, so here's a photo of the pups banding together when we walked past their front gate.  Can you tell me what breed they are?

Here are their names.

The neighbourhood roof dogs would bark at us whenever we walked Vincent. This one lived over the motorcycle shop a couple of doors down. When we'd look at her from our apartment window, she was as quiet as a lamb.

Our landlord installed a hummingbird feeder while we were there.  We saw two types of hummingbirds, both much bigger than those Steve has seen in Oregon.

We often had meals in the apartment.  After visiting the shrimp ladies market, Steve would cook delicacies such as lobster, octopus, and these jumbo shrimp!

We had to park on the street which was along a bus route.  Every morning Steve would have to wipe dirty specks of diesel off the car before we went out.

Opposite our apartment complex was the mail delivery centre. Even though our apartment was at the back, every night we could hear the thump, thump, of mailbags and boxes being tossed out of the truck. Although I did see them carry some things out carefully.  Perhaps they were marked "Frágil" ?

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