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(February 9 - March 20, 2008)



Every year, it seems more and more monuments are erected on or near the malecón.  Flag Day 2008 saw the unveiling of one to Benito Juarez in the big plaza near the cliff divers' platform. Below is a sampling of some of them, from south to north.

I plan to add to this page as I find the time.

Just north of Icebox Hill is the Continuity of Life (La Continuidad de la Vida) monument, Mazatlán's largest monument.

It depicts a naked couple standing on a huge shell looking beyond a school of dolphins to the horizon.

The Fisherman's Monument (Monumento al Pescador) is perhaps the most well-known monument in Mazatlán, and is commonly used when giving directions along the malecón, as it is at a busy interesection.

It represents Mazatláns fishing industry, both commercial and recreational.  A lighthouse (El Faro) is circled by a ribbon representing the Tropic of Cancer, on which Mazatlán lies. The woman represents the beauty of the city, and the man is the "pescador" or fisherman.

Sea lion and pups monument, commemorating the "southern limit of distribution of the California sea lion".

From October to May ever year, a colony of California sea lions makes its regular sea journey to Mazatlán to enjoy the climate. They spend their time on Roca Tortuga (Turtle Rock), off the coast from the lighthouse.

Fog had come rolling in on this day, and it was a bit spooky driving along the malecón!

This Pelican is nowhere near the malecón. We found it in the new area of Palmas del Sol, just behind Sabalo Country north of the Golden Zone.

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