What's Sheryll up to now?

(February 9 - March 20, 2008)

Playa Sur, the Mirador and El Faro


Playa Sur (south beach) was once a beautiful beach at the south end of Mazatlan.

From left to right, the ships 
        are the 'Dawn Princess', the Norwegian 'Vision of the Seas' and the Golden Princess'

It has been filled in in recent years to make the marina, the port and the cruise ship terminal.

The Mirador restaurant and the Pérgola de Angela Peralta, atop Cerro Vigía, have become popular tourist attractions, with locals selling handicrafts.

We took our Mexican Riviera cruise on this ship, 
        the 'Carnival Pride', back in December 2005

The Mirador is a good vantage point to watch the cruise ships sail away.

It also provides a good view of El Faro, which at 515 feet above sea level is the second highest lighthouse in the world.  The island, Cerro del Creston, was joined to the mainland by a causeway in the 1930's. At left is the marina.

A cruise ship sailing off into the sunset, taken from the Mirador.

We spent an afternoon climbing El Faro. Here's a view of the Mirador (top left), the marina and the ferry to La Paz, not long after we started.

The path had improved a great deal since 2003, and we made it up there in less than an hour.  Steve is at left, taking a well-deserved break.

The view from the top is impressive - all of Mazatlán is stretched out below!

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