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Decorations and costumes (October 31, 2009)

Scary guys on the roof

One thing I love about Halloween is that the decorations at every house are varied and interesting.  Everyone around here has a different front yard and porch setup and the decorations depend on space, tradition, ages of children in the house, money, keeping up with the neighbors, the owners' sense of spookiness, etc. This year, a common theme was the dearly departed.....

This cemetery came complete with a rogue foot and a black cat!

I didn't stay around long enough to find out what evil creature was lurking in the bushes to the right of the door!

Lots of scary things in this cemetery, including spider webs, wraiths and a carriage imprisoning some deformed animal!

At the side of the house was 'The Chop Shop' - fresh cuts daily!

This cemetery was well guarded!

Witches.... ghosts.... monsters.... skeletons.... and more!

Some of the departed were out enjoying the gloomy weather!

Thirsty for blood??

In the afternoon, we were surprised to find the store parking lots full, and the sidewalks filled with costumed hopefuls traipsing from store to store in their quest for candy (and to show off their disguises)!

A not-so-wicked witch!

Hurry! Not much daylight left!

As darkness approached, the music started.  What terrifying creatures would be about tonight?!!

I was not quite ready for the visitors.  I hadn't yet put on the noose.  Lights, camera.....

Action!  And I waited..... For over an hour!  Was it the World Series which kept them away?  Or the big candyfest in the afternoon?

Finally, well after dark, two brave souls made it all the way down our driveway and rang the front doorbell.  "Trick or treat!"  Luckily for them, I sent them on their way with a handful of candy each.

Turning my life around.....