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(October 15, 2010 - March 15, 2011)

Carnaval 2011, March 3-8

Sunday, March 6


The highlight of Carnaval for many people is the big Sunday parade up the malecón from the Fisherman's Monument to Valentino's.  This year there were to be 32 floats, and they started moving into position from around 1pm.

Thousands lined the malecón in warm, sunny weather from early afternoon on.  Children waited patiently, passing the time eating or playing amongst themselves.

Many vendors were offering confetti, masks, cotton candy, toffee apples, flying bird toys and much more.

At around 4:45pm, the first group began to pass by on the other side of the malecón - a sort of "pre-parade".

Many of the spectators then moved over to our side of the malecón to watch the main parade, which was led by a troupe of acrobats.  

Then came the Pacifico float, which stopped right in front of us, waiting till the parade was to start. Many of the crowd spent time admiring the warriors, who occasionally posed for photos.

A rocket was lit right in front of us, signalling the official start of the parade, and we were treated to gaily decorated floats interspersed with troupes of dancers, acrobats and banda playing music.

Sometimes the dancers chose someone in the crowd to have some energetic fun with.

Then came a float decorated in Persian style, carrying Abigail I, the Queen of Carnaval 2011.  The top adornments occasionally had to be folded down so that the float could pass under power lines.

Many former Carnaval queens were honored in the parade.

One beautiful float carried the Queen of Carnaval 2010.

She was followed by Vanessa I, the Queen of the Floral Games.

Dusk fell quickly, and my remaining photos do not do justice to the lavishly decorated floats and beautifully dressed dancers in the rest of the parade.

Berny I, the King of Joy, tossed posters to the crowd.

About half a dozen or more dancing horses followed the floats.  We recognized this one from the charreada back in November.

Two floats must have broken down along the way, but they quickly made up ground to catch up with the horses.  Among them was El Pollo, from the local radio station, who was unsuccessful in being crowned the King of Joy .

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