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Carnaval 2011, March 3-8


Carnaval 2011

It's nearly time for Carnaval.  All through the last month, preparations have been made for the big event.  The white and yellow parking areas along the malecon were repainted and the white lines were retouched.  First, lights were strung along the malecon.

About 10 giant plaster of Paris figurines of women were put up along the malecon from Valentinos to Olas Altas and at Plaza Machado.  They have each been given names: París, Kenia, América, Tokita, Asia, Méxica, África, Finlandia, Europa and Oceaníia.

The baños were put up at Olas Altas, and the yellow gates erected.  Then poles along the malecon sported first one, then two windsock fish.  There are even goldfish and clownfish among the blue and green brightly colored designs.




Carnaval banners were hung from the streetlight poles along the malecon.

City workers rushed to prune branches from the palms in the median strip of the malecon road.  Bandstands started to spring up.  Meanwhile, at Olas Altas, the beer tents were erected and the Carnaval welcome gates were put up.

On Thursday March 3 the malecon at Olas Altas was closed to prepare for the coronation of the King of Joy.  Mucha cerveza was hauled in.

A truck arrived laden with tubs for the beer and ice, and was promptly unloaded.

This giant beer can was already inflated.

Meanwhile, the sound stages were being erected and equipment brought in.

The main stage in front of the Deer Monument was already set up and a band was noisily testing it out.  Too loud for me!

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