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Total Lunar Eclipse

Tuesday December 21, 2010

After returning home from my Monday karaoke evening, I decided to stay up to watch the total lunar eclipse, as I haven't seen one properly for decades, since last century even!  This one coincided with the winter solstice. 

 I had read that the eclipse would start at 12:41am, so didn't think to go outside much earlier.  When I did, the moon was at its zenith on a beautiful cloudless night.

Well, what was left of it!  Aack!!  12:19am and the eclipse was already well under way.  I had missed some valuable viewing time!

I decided to experiment with my camera.  It is new and I haven't got my head around all its bells and whistles yet.  Here's another more exposed view (still at 12:19am).

This was taken at 12:21am.


Hmm, it looked like the 12:41 time was for the start of totality!  At least I had not totally missed the partial phase.

Here we go. 12:41am.

After this, the moon became gradually darker.  I hung around till 12:58 before calling it a night.

In between the last two shots, I experimented with photographing the constellation Orion. 

The constellation Orion

After the Southern Cross it is the most widely recognized constellation in the southern hemisphere, and I had grown up with it in my night sky.  How wonderful it is to be able to see it every night here in Mazatlan!

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