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(October 15, 2010 - March 15, 2011)

Lucha Libre - Mexican Wrestling (AAA)

Monday November 15, 2010


In early November we were very excited to read in Noroeste that Lucha Libre was coming to town as part of the Canaco 2010 celebrations.  This was the trip highlight last time, so we quickly got organized and bought tickets for our group, all in the front row!

Colorful posters advertising the event soon adorned telegraph poles near markets and city centers.

We had seen La Parka, El Elejido and the Psycho Circus back in 2009

Masks were on sale outside the arena, tempting those waiting in line. 

Not so many kids were wearing masks this time around

Things got off to a slow start, but eventually around 7pm the first bout had commenced.  The referee was part of the action, and gave some of the wrestlers a few thumps for good measure!

The most entertaining spectacle was the War of the Exoticos. Four luchadores dressed up in tight suggestive women's attire, flailing their hands like girls when thrown across the ring. I ended up getting a kiss from Pimpinela, just before her hair was pulled.

Ouch! She's pulling my hair!

Then came the Psycho Circus, who gave the Fuerza Aerea a drubbing. Here's Zombie Clown attempting to throw Relampago (which means "lightning bolt") into the crowd.

Zombie Clown getting the best of Relampago

Who me? I din't do nothing!

Zombie Clown nonchalantly checking out the crowd

Relampago poses for the crowd after the bout is over.

Look at those muscles!

The last bout of the night was a treat for the women. Alan Stone came on, flexing his six-pack and looking gorgeous, then gyrated erotically for our pleasure.

Alan Stone surveys the crowd

And his pleasure too ....

Better check my hair one more time....

El Zorro proudly displayed his past awards.

El Zorro with 2 of his awards

La Parka looked like he was going to come off the worse for wear....

Take this, Parka!

And El Elejido was losing ground against Alan Stone's onslaught....

El Elejido and Alan Stone

La Parka is about to pounce....

Look out below!

Everything turned out all right in the end though, after the luchadores romped through the crowd!

We saw chairs being used as weapons, wrestlers being thrown into the crowd (including where we were sitting), women dragged up onto the stage, and men too! And of course, some choreographed wrestling thrown in for good measure.  What a fun way to see the locals having a good time. And amazingly, no one was hurt!

Turning my life around.....       Ozzie in Mazatlan