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Lucha Libre Revisited (CMLL)

Monday December 27, 2010


With the next AAA tournament scheduled for Christmas night and us having other plans, we were thinking our lucha libre experiences were over for the season. But.....

At the mercado, there were signs and posters of another event on 27 December, this time by CMLL. On the following weekend, posters even went up along our street!

A completely new slate, and I knew none of these names, but it promised to be interesting.

With most of our friends busy or lucha libre'd out, only AusMex was up to the challenge, and the three of us set out for the Cancha German Evers just off Av. Zaragoza, arriving well before the 7:30pm start time.

Children took advantage of the empty ring before the start to practice their skills as luchadores.

A few kids were wearing masks.

The first group was very lively with plenty of action in the ring.

Centella, Eclipse and Mercury Boy against Furia Extrem, Sangre Maligna and Viento Negro.

Oh no! A luchador is about to be unmasked!

Actually the masks of two wrestlers were being unlaced, but they weren't taken completely off.

Black Ninja greets his fans before the bout.

One of the bad guys, but very entertaining.

Iron Man got off to a bad start and was at a disadvantage throughout the bout.

He didn't even make it into the ring before being tackled!

We hung onto the barriers for protection as Black Ninja meted out punishment right in front of us.

I thought they were going to break through the barriers!

Black Ninga and AusMex, the tag team champions!

One of the Black Ninja's many fans!

The surprise luchador was Mario Mora, whom we'd seen two years ago in the AAA tournament. He took a battering from Histeria, and was a bloody mess by the end of the bout.

Mario Mora likes to use the microphone and talk to the fans.

Black Abyss asked this senorita if she'd like to come up into the ring. When she said no, he gave her a big sloppy kiss then ran off!

She was seen wiping her mouth off after Black Abyss kissed her

We thought that Histeria had lost a tooth, judging by what he was pulling from his mouth. But then he stretched it out - it was chewing gum!

It was a neat trick and had us fooled!

Loco Max makes good use of a chair handed to him by a fan to crush Angel de Plata.

In a moment that surprised even himself, Angel de Oro pulls his mask off and throws it at Escandalo, who presents the unmasked luchador's bare face to the crowd.

It looked as though he used it to distract his opponent.

Realizing what he'd done, the mortified Angel de Oro managed to get his mask back and covered his face.

Later on he used his shirt to cover his face, and saluted the crowd.

Local lad El Relampago flexes his muscles for the fans.

One of the favorites of the fans, he was born in Mazatlan.

Posing for a photo with a young fan before the bout.

This does not look like Kempo Dragon or La Sombra 
      - perhaps they changed the lineup at the last minute?

Perico dances with his fellow luchadores.

Perico's opposite number (mascot or mini?) was Cuije, whose costume was as 
      flamboyant as that of Alebrije.

The action unfolds in my face! Alebrije gives it to El Relampago.

I was not so worried this time as the barriers had held up last time.

Alebrije takes a moment to respond to the fans.

The word 'alebrije' is used to describe the brightly colored woodcarvings of fantastical figures from Oaxaca.

Psicosis and Olimpico join forces to throw El Relampago over to Alebrije for a drubbing.

One of many acrobatic maoevres that the luchadores used.

Psicosis is pleased with the result.

I think his team won that bout.

Perico calls for support from the fans.

At the end, young fans climbed up onto the ring. These two girls wanted a photo with Olimpico, who stayed on afterwards to sign autographs.

Olimpico lost his mask to La Asombra in September 2010.

What a fun and exciting tournament! Somehow, some metal chairs made their way into the ring a few times, and once the fight was taken into the seating area behind us!

The referee for the "bad" guys, El Shaggy, is from Mazatlan and has a wide following. Given that he likes to put in a few hits himelf, it was funny to see him on the receiving end of a few punches, sometimes by his own luchadores!

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