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Lucha Libre - Fire in the Ring! (CMLL)

Monday February 21, 2011


After a quiet January, we were excited to see posters advertising another lucha libre event coming up on 21 February.

This time Mario Mora is billed!

There was plenty of time to get the word out to friends and post details on the forums, with the result that more than 20 of our friends turned up at the Cancha German Evers in time for the proposed 7:30pm start.  A large array of masks were on sale outside.

T-shirts were available as well as masks.

Quite a few children were wearing masks, and I even saw a young La Fantasma (the Phantom) in the crowd.

This is not La Fantasma!

Eventually, a little after 8pm the luchadores for the first bout came in and presented themselves to the fans.

This is either El Barbaro or Argus.

El Angel argued with fans after slamming the athletic Mercuris Boy on the floor.

He came over to us at the end of the bout and thanked us for coming.

Furia Extrema was popular with the fans.

He stayed after the bout to sign autographs.

Oops! Furia Extrema has got into a bit of trouble here!

Two luchadores are ganging up on him!

Referee La Loca Lencha had his shirt ripped off after an unpopular decision!

More than once he copped it from the luchadores!

Referee El Shaggy awards the bout to Wilber, Sparta and Sangre Maligna.

El Shaggy also received the occasional drubbing.

Rosabel was the hit of the evening.  She danced erotically with her boa, lapdanced with a fan and poked fun at the macho luchadores.

Rosabel gave El Shaggy a kiss, complete with chewing gum, shattering his equilibrium!

Sargento Negro was working over Serpiente Marina against the rails outside the ring, when a fan offered him a metal chair.

Fortunately for Serpiente Marina, the chair was not used this time.

Then Black Ninja took a turn at dishing it out to Serpiente Marina.

We saw these two luchadores in the previous tournament.

Black Ninja leapt onto the already downed Iroman.

Iroman looked the worse for wear for most of the bout.

Depredador posed for fans between bouts.

Depredador's teammates were Black Ninja and Sargento Negro.

Spiderman and his sidekick worked together to crush Deprededor.

Spiderman's best trick was to climb an imaginary web to right himself after 
      being slapped backwards on the ropes.

Iroman finally drew on his reserves of strength to pin Black Ninja to the floor.

For the first time, we see Iroman actually fighting well!

This clinched it for the team - Iroman, Serpiente Marina and Spiderman were awarded the win.

Spiderman was popular with the young fans.

Popular bad guys Depredador and Black Ninja posed for the ladies beside us after the bout.

After the bout, Black Ninja and Deprededor posed for the ladies next to us.

The next bout started with a blaze of fire - Fire in the Ring! - from Black Abyss and Histeria, whom we remembered from last time.

They used spray cans of 'fire'.

In this bout, the referees were to attach "Bull Terrier" chains to pairs of luchadores.  Mario Mora was the first to receive his and before long ended up in a bloody state.  He repeatedly had his face smashed into a metal chair.

The blood apparently didn't run like real blood, so these were not serious injuries!

More punishment meted out by Histeria to Mario Mora.  This time - the choke!

How much more could Mario Mora take?

Meanwhile, Black Abyss was trying to break El Tiger's fingers.....

That has got to hurt!

The bout dragged on and on, till underdog Mario Mora made a last effort to overturn the favorite and win.

Then it was time for the main bout.  Relampago, the local hero, received accolades from the fans.

We saw Relampago before, in the AAA tournament in November.

El Perico did a little dance to amuse the crowd.

This time El Perico was dressed as a pirate.

El Hijo del Fantasma gave El Terrible a spanking!

His shirt reads 'Phantoms do exist, and I am one of them'.

At the end, Relampago posed for a photo before signing autographs for the fans.

Relampago did the dame pose for me back in November, too!

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