What's Sheryll up to now?

(October 15, 2010 - March 15, 2011)

Marvin in Mazatlán

On The Beach

Marvin exploring the beach.

Marvin is much more suited to Mexico than Vincent our old pug was.  He does well in hot weather and enjoys long walks.  There are lots of people to bark at as they pass by the house, and plenty of sunshine to soak up on the patio every day.

You gotta take the sun where you find it!

The beach is only half a block away, and Marvin loves to walk there and sniff the dead fish, seaweed and anything else of interest.

The beach is just north of where the fisherman pull in their boats.

He normally doesn't like to get wet, but sometimes he is enjoying the beach and tidepools so much he forgets this!


Even foggy days don't faze him.

Still lots of interesting things to smell!

When we take him to Stone Island, he likes to be up at the front of the boat.

Are we there yet?

The beach at Stone Island is a good place to let him run without a leash.

The beach goes for miles!

His favorite pastime is to chase sandpipers and seagulls up and down the beach.

So many birds to chase up and down the beach!

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