What's Sheryll up to now?

(October 15, 2010 - March 15, 2011)

Pet Parade

The Kitten and the Cockatiels

A cat amongst the cockatiels.

We brought our two cockatiels Stanley and Lulu down with us, and they are enjoying their new home out on the back patio.  They get to watch the sparrows and doves eating their leftover bird seed, and the occasional hummingbird would hover, peering into the cage at them.

Stanley and Lulu.

However, when the kitten came to live with us, they were somewhat perturbed by its "up close and personal" attentions.

Aack! A cat!!

How to get in the cage.....  Hmmm......

Oh no! It's coming to get us!!

Maybe I can come up the side.....

Halp! Halp!!

They won't be expecting an approach from the air....

What's that up in the sky?!!

It's no use!  I'll just have to hang around and wait for them to come out.....

Red alert! Enemy at 9 o'clock!

Turning my life around.....       Ozzie in Mazatlan