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(October 15 2010 - March 15, 2011)

Restaurant Experiences

Budget Meals

Typical street sign for affordable Mexican food

As I have mentioned, Steve likes to eat very cheaply where possible.  It is a bonus if we can have satisfying meals of good tasty food for 100 pesos for the two of us! 

I list here some of these restaurants, with photos and menus where available, and any appropriate links to Steve's TripAdvisor posts under his id of "maz97".

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Carnitas El Cuñao - on the malecon just south of the playground near the Fisherman's Monument.  We find that 1/4 kg carnitas with all the extras (guacamole, salsa, tortillas, etc) at 40 pesos is enough for both of us.  You can pick the cut of meat you want chopped up if you want.  Don't be afraid to include some of the curly "innards" for extra rich flavor!

       Carnitas El Cuñao

La Cocina de Ana - just down from the Dairy Queen at Laguna #49 in the Golden Zone.  Menu varies each day, with some staples such as ceviche, fried fish, vegetable soup, green salad, rice, beans and desserts.  Wednesday is Chinese and ribs and Thursday is paella.  You pay by the weight, so you can put as much or as little of anything you want on your plate.  Lots of people come just to get boxes of food to go!

       La Cocina de Ana: Menu

Cocina de Esther - comida corrida, in Centro near mercado on Serdan, between Leandro Valle and Canizalez.  Some of the menu items change daily and all meals come with soup or rice.

       Cocina D'Esther       Cocina D'Esther: Menu       Cocina D'Esther: Tortilla soup       Cocina D'Esther: Albondigas

Cenaduria La Copita - on the corner of Luis Zuņiga and Belisario Dominguez, Centro.  Very good pozole for around 40 pesos,  and the other standard Mexican items are even more cheaply priced.  Raspados available.  Come on Sundays between 7am till 12noon (or till they have run out) for menudo at 30 pesos or birria at 35 pesos to take home.  Served in 1-ltr polystyrene foam cups or bring your own container.  Stop in at the abarrotes next door for a bolillo to go with it.

       Cenaduria La Copita       Cenaduria La Copita: Menu       Cenaduria La Copita: Menudo menu

Menuderia El Chayito - on 1ra Serdan, just south of the Fishermans Monument opposite the playground.  Very tasty menudo every day for 50 pesos, plus pozole for 45 pesos as well as the standard comida corrida dishes at 40 pesos.  Breakfast is available too!  On Sunday mornings we have seen people double park, bring their containers inside to have them filled up with menudo, then get back in the car and drive off!

       Menuderia El Chayito       Menuderia El Chayito: Comida Corrida Menu       Menuderia El Chayito: Breakfast Menu

       Menuderia El Chayito: Pozole - 45 pesos       Menuderia El Chayito: Chilis Rellenos - 40 pesos

Menuderia y Loncheria El Negro - just outside the Juan Carrasco market on Gutierrez Najera.  Comida corrida menu is 30 pesos, and extra dishes such as birria and menudo (rojo or blanco) are available for 40 pesos and up.  Try the pescado frito for 65 pesos!  Open 24 hours a day, as is the neighboring El Dengue juice bar, to service your 2am cravings!

       Menuderia y Loncheria El Negro

The Pink House (Jesus and Lori's) - on the corner of Genaro Estrada and Belisario Dominguez, open from around 8am till 4pm.  Comida corrida menu item changes each day (Thursday is chile rellenos) for about 35 pesos, and other items are tasty and cheap.  My cebada drink was 6 pesos! 

Sefe's - on Romanita de la Peņa between Venus and Niņos Heroes.  Sells tasty sandwiches, hamburgers and other lunch foods for around 20 to 40 pesos.  Offers 3x2 special on Wednesdays.

       Sefe's       Sefe's: Menu

Rosticeria Tirado - on the corner of 1ra Azueta and Gutierrez Najera, opposite the Juan Carrasco mercado.  Chicken is cheap at 60 pesos each, but most people order the special of two chickens for 100 pesos, and use the leftovers over the next couple of days.  It is nicely cooked and crisp, and comes with a salsa and tortillas.  They close at 5pm.

       Rosticeria Tirado

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