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(October 15 2010 - March 15, 2011)

Restaurant Experiences


Typical Chinese restaurant sign

Most of the time when we eat out, we have Mexican food or seafood.  But sometimes for a change we have tried out a Chinese restaurant and have been generally pleased with the food and the price.

I like a nice flavorful soup and Steve likes pork fried rice and these have been tasty in each restaurant.  The main courses have been adequate, but the spring rolls (= egg rolls) have been a disappointment compared to what I am used to in Australia, and the smoked (BBQ) pork does not have that customary pink tinge.

It does not appear to be worth the money to order dishes off the menu.  Instead we have opted to share the Comida Del Dia for less than 100 pesos or a Paquete (set menu for 2 or more people) for less than 200 pesos.  A mid-range paquete provides enough variety, and we then have loads of leftovers (including lots of pork fried rice) to take home and enjoy as part of another couple of meals.

Below is a list of the restaurants we have tried so far, accompanied by menus and links to Steve's TripAvisor reviews under his id of "maz97" where available.

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Haoyun - on EjÚrcito Mexicano just up from Ley 1 opposite the Suzuki dealership.  Comida del dia: 73 pesos, pork fried rice to go: 89 pesos. Total: 162 pesos.

Jade - the original restaurant on Morelos, just up from 5 de Mayo, near Zaragoza Plaza.  Paquete No 2: 200 pesos.

       original Jade restaurant       original Jade restaurant menu page 1       original Jade restaurant menu page 2

Hunan Gardens - on Carnaval in Playa Sur about 2 streets south of Farmacia Guadalajara.  Paquete No 2: 185 pesos.  The tea was sweeter and more enjoyable than in the other Chinese restaurants.  Loads of food to take home!

       Hunan Gardens       Hunan Gardens truck       Hunan Gardens menu page 1       Hunan Gardens menu page 2

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