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(October 15 2010 - March 15, 2011)

Restaurant Experiences

Outside Mazatlan

El Cuchupetas: mural on bathroom wall in second house

We occasionally venture out of Mazatlan, and invariably we end up eating at a nice restaurant somewhere.  For each day trip to villages such as Concordia, Copala, La Noria or El Quelite, there is a favorite restaurant we enjoy.

Closer to home, we have made many trips out to the airport, with the excuse that it gives us a chance to eat at the renowned El Cuchupetas in Villa Union.  So much so that this has been our most frequented restaurant this winter.  Recently we have tried La Tuna just near the airport as an alternative, and have been pleased with the food there too. 

Below are photos and menus of restaurants we have tried this time around, occasionally accompanied by a link to a review Steve has posted on Tripadvisor under the id "maz97". 

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El Cuchupetas - at Reforma #301 on the corner of Jesus Carranza in Villa Union.  A range of excellent seafood to choose from, and reliably quick, friendly service - handy if you have an airport deadline!  Read the M! magazine's review, El Cuchupetas: Villa Unionís Landmark Restaurant

       El Cuchupetas: Main house of restaurant       El Cuchupetas: Second house to expand into on busy weekends       El Cuchupetas: Menu       El Cuchupetas: Pulpo para picar - 75 pesos

       El Cuchupetas: Sopa de mariscos - 60 pesos       El Cuchupetas: Pate de camaron - 50 pesos       El Cuchupetas: Oysters a la Cuchupetas - prices have varied between 80 pesos for
               13 small oysters and 130 pesos for 6 grandes       El Cuchupetas: Camaron a la crema de champinones - 85 pesos

       El Cuchupetas: Camarones rellenos - 100 pesos (wrapped with bacon)       El Cuchupetas: Empanadas de jaiba - 75 pesos       El Cuchupetas: Mango icecream in a mango - 45 pesos

La Tuna - On the way to Villa Union, take the turnoff left to El Recodo just after passing the airport.  There is a big La Tuna sign there.  Drive through the first small village of El Vainilla, and you will see La Tuna on the right just as you are coming into the second village.  This restaurant rivals El Cuchupetas in its seafood menu, reasonable prices and proximity to the airport.  We greedily tried three dishes and were stuffed so had to take an empanada home!

       La Tuna: Front of restaurant       La Tuna: Roomy shadecloth area       La Tuna: Menu page 1       La Tuna: Menu page 2

       La Tuna: Aguachile grande - 70 pesos       La Tuna: Empanadas de jaiba - 70 pesos, camarones al torcido - 80 pesos       La Tuna: Pleasant garden setting

El Granero - In Concordia at Morelos #21, on the street that runs south from the back of the church.  We have eaten there each time we've visited Concordia, and been very pleased with the food.  This time we ordered so much we had to take the sandwich home!

       El Granero: Front of restaurant       El Granero: Sunlit front room       El Granero: Menu page 1       El Granero: Menu page 2

       El Granero: Guacamole - 45 pesos       El Granero: Queso fundido - 45 pesos       El Granero: Bistec ranchero - 65 pesos       El Granero: Torta cubana - 30 pesos

El Huizachal - On the free road to Culiacan, about KM13, on the left just after you cross a bridge, about 4 km north of the road which turns off to the Playas.  We have been told that the best time to go is on weekends, when various meats are cooked in the firepit.  On our last visit we ordered Parrillada Mixta el Huizachal at 300 pesos and it easily fed the 5 of us.  Top off your meal with a dessert, then check out the birds and animals out the back.  There is a perico, a goat, roosters and even a couple of nasty looking ostriches!

       Huizachal: Front of restaurant       Huizachal: Meats cooking in the firepit on weekends       Huizachal: Part of the 'zoo' out the back       Huizachal: One of the nasty ostriches

       Huizachal: Menu page 1       Huizachal: Menu page 2       Huizachal: Menu page 3       Huizachal: Menu page 4

If you are looking for more ideas for day trips and restaurants to try, check out this article on Restaurants in Rural Sinaloa Towns near Mazatlan.  Note that not all our favorite restaurants are included here (for instance the perfectly lovely Los Arrieros at El Quelite) so be adventurous and try something new while you're out and about!

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