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(October 15 2010 - March 15, 2011)

Restaurant Experiences

Value for Money

Drinks under a palapa on the beach at Playa Norte

Although Steve is a good cook and prepares gourmet recipes almost daily, we enjoy eating out at many of the restaurants here in Mazatlán that provide great food at reasonable prices.  We try to spend no more than 100 pesos (US$8) a person unless it is for a special event or we want to try out extra dishes. 

I have listed below restaurants which have provided us with good food and service and at which we feel we can eat regularly with confidence.  Where available, they are accompanied by photos, menus and links to reviews Steve has posted on Tripadvisor under the id "maz97".

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Cenaduria El Chayito - on Teniente Azueta near Luis Zuñiga, behind the shrimp ladies.  Large serving of very good pozole for around 45 pesos, and a wide range of other dishes.  Raspados available.  Nice courtyard seating area outside.

       Cenaduria El Chayito

La Cueva del Leon - on Olas Altas, south of the Belmar Hotel.  Interesting and varied menu catering to the tastes of Mexicans and extranjeros (salads are reported to be excellent).  We have more than once enjoyed the chiles stuffed with shrimp and cheese.  Waiters speak very good English and are attentive to your needs.

       La Cueva del Leon

Lamar - on the left as you are going out to the lighthouse, at the corner of Paseo del Centenario.  The beautiful location overlooking the marina reminded me of the marina cafe at Hervey Bay.  This seafood restaurant opened in December 2010 and we tried it on its third day.  The main dishes were out of our price range, so we tried ordering three appetizers, which were large enough to fill us up.  We have since been back a number of times.  They now offer a buffet breakfast.

       Lamar: Menu       Lamar: Menu       Lamar: Friendly waitstaff

       Lamar: Ceviche de camaron - 50 pesos       Lamar: Chiles rellenos de machaca de camaron - 45 pesos, chicharron de calamar - 58 pesos       Lamar: Filete relleno - 98 pesos       Lamar: Tacos_capeados mixtos - 50 pesos

Mariscos Los Especiales de Lola Molina - on the south side of Miguel Aleman near Belisario Dominguez.  Two years ago this restaurant was on the corner of 21 de Marzo and the port road, just down from CFE, but when we returned this time the lovely poinciana tree there was cut down and the restaurant gone!  We were glad to find it in its new location.  We've always gone there for the crab tostadas which were a steal at 7.5 pesos each last November.  In January we were shown a new menu and they are now priced at 10 pesos, but still are well worth it.

       Mariscos Los Especiales: Menu page 1       Mariscos Los Especiales: Menu page 2       Mariscos Los Especiales: Tostada de jaiba - 10 pesos       Mariscos Los Especiales: Camarones al mojo de ajo - 90 pesos

Mariscos Isaa - on Ejército Mexicano opposite Walmart.  Tasty seafood dishes.

Puerto Azul - under a palapa on the beach at Playa Norte just up from the Fisherman's Monument.  Large servings of good shrimp in ceviche and aguachile dishes.

       Puerto Azul       Puerto Azul       Puerto Azul: Menu page 1       Puerto Azul: Menu page 2

       Puerto Azul: Ceviche de camaron - 80 pesos       Puerto Azul: Aguachile - 80 pesos

Super Cocina D'Paulina - on Sixto Osuna in Centro.  Mexican, with a salad bar.  Try the tasty tortilla soup for only 25 pesos!  Ribs are popular with the extranjeros.

       Cocine D'Paulina menu page 1       Cocine D'Paulina menu page 2

El Tunel - just off Plaza Machado opposite the Angela Peralta theater in Centro.  Tasty Mexican dishes at reasonable prices for this part of town.

       El Tunel

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