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Mazatlán Memories

Fun Times with Dan and Gail


Dan was excited to be actually in the bull ring!

It was a pleasure at the end of October 2008 to meet Dan and Gail Olson, who had come down to Mazatlán to try it out. They were very friendly and fun, and we looked forward to seeing them every week at the Mazinfo gatherings at Las Flores and getting an update or their activities as they settled in.

Dan was a bucket of sweat that first day, but when the weather broke in November he and Gail got on with enjoying Mazatlán and all it offered. Dan told us that there were three things he liked about Mexico:

"The weather is great, the people are friendly, and the driving makes sense."

They were avid walkers, and Steve and I were amazed at some of the places they visited on foot.

Mazinfo and my birthday, Nov xz

When I arrived at Las Flores for the usual Sunday Mazinfo get-together, I was surprised and humbled to find that Gail and Dan had not only remembered my birthday, but had brought a cake so everyone could join in the celebration!

Birthday cake at Mazinfo get-together at Las Flores

Playa el Caimanero, Dec 17

A core group of us went exploring together, driving to Playa el Caimanero and having lunch at one of the restaurants on the beach. This was probably Steve's idea, as we had done the trip back in February.

Lunch at La Perla restaurant at Playa el Caimanero


Karaoke at Canucks, Jan 6

It was our first karaoke night, and Dan gathered his nerve to sing. He convinced me that I could do it too!

Dan singing 'You Were Always on my Mind' at Canucks

Lucha Libre, Feb 8

Steve thought that the Lucha Libre would be incredible fun if we had front row seats! We asked Dan and Gail if they would like to join us, and it appealed to Dan's sense of fun. Steve was right, and we enjoyed seeing Dan laugh at the "in your face" action.

Dan at Lucha Libre

Carnaval, Feb 21

Gail and Dan invited us to join their group at Canucks to watch the Battle of Mal Humor. Dan got right into the spirit of Carnaval.

Dan and Gail at Carnaval

Farewell dinner at Las Brochetas, Feb 28

Dan, Gail, Marvin and Sharon joined us for dinner to say goodbye, as we were to leave the following week.

Dan and Gail at Las Brochetas


We were fortunate to be able to come down again, in spite of the flat economy. Steve was rapt in our new location just half a block from the malecon. We actually did some walking along the malecon to Centro with Marvin, our newest pet dog, but nothing on the scale of what Dan and Gail took in their stride.

Friday night get-together, Nov 12

On Friday nights we would meet at a bar at Olas Altas, opposite the malecon. One time tequila shots were the go, and intrepid Dan tried them out.

Tequila shots!

Tai Chi on the malecon, Dec 13

Dan was a dedicated member of Sifu Rick's tai chi group, and would often practice moves before the class started. Fog or cold weather never stopped him from turning up!

Dan practicing tai chi


Birthday party, Feb 12

Dan and Gail were kind enough to treat us all to a birthday dinner at a classy restaurant in the Golden Zone. Some of the group had fun dressing up.

Viva Mexico!

This is just a taste of our outings with Dan and Gail, as most of them are not documented with photos. However, we remember those times fondly.

For instance, once on the way back from La Noria, we were stopped by the police at a checkpoint. Dan, who was driving, said calmly and fluently to the officer:

"Lo siento. No hablo español."

I wonder if the officer believed him. :)

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