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Colombia to USA

See the World, Cover to Cover, Colombia to USA

Colombia 1935 Registered Cover Bogota to USA.

5c and 10c stamps (#420 and #429) tied by Bogota 4 Oct 1935 CDS.

 "The Land of Coffee" poster stamp, printed by the American Banknote Company, affixed at bottom left of front.

Romanian cinderella depicting a cathedral and with the Latin phrase "VERITAS LIBERTAS JUSTITIA" on back, tied to the cover by two handstamps of the sender's address. The sender was Antonio Rincon V, a firm dealing in stamps.

Backstamped with two New York Registry Div Oct 22 1935 transit cancels, Oakland Registered Oct 26 1935 transit cancel, Oakland (Piedmont Sta) Registered Oct 28 1935 receiving cancel.

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