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Great Britain to New Hebrides

See the World, Cover to Cover, Great Britain to New Hebrides

23 Sep 1938 Empire Airmail Scheme cover from Newport, Wales to Vila, New Hebrides.
As the cover was not claimed, it was handstamped 'RETOUR A L'ENVOYEUR" and returned to Wales.

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A. Phillips was a stamp dealer and  airmail specialist. Before and after WWII, he sent "please return" covers all over the world  by every new postal service that started out of the UK, and also sent covers for every possible date, days of issue, last days of issue, etc.

He wrote "The British Inland Airmail, April 1933-April 1935," and many of the inland airmail covers are addressed to him.

His second initial is A also.

I have found very little incoming mail to the New Hebrides, so am using this cover to take you there.
See also New Caledonia on your travels.

You are in ... the New Hebrides.

Where do you want to go?



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