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Great Britain to Australia

See the World, Cover to Cover, Great Britain to Australia

Great Britain KGVI 3d and 1/- on 25 Feb 1941 censor cover Grimsby to Rockhamton, QLD, Australia.

Addressed to Col E.M. Hockings (1870-1942), a well-known Rockhampton architect.

Censor tape with chunky text lacking numeral applied (indicates Brisbane censor station, L1-2, known used 26 Sep 1939 - 2 Dec 1941).

"1/2 PASSED BY CENSOR 1" handstamp applied (indicates Townsville censor sub-station, P1/2-1 known used Apr 1941 - 30 July 1944).

A nice censored commercial cover.

You are in ... Australia.

Where do you want to go?  (Oops, not much choice here...)

Great Britain

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