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New Hebrides to Canada

See the World, Cover to Cover, New Hebrides to Canada

This cover was posted to Canada from the New Hebrides using the NSW Postal Agency on Sep 6, 1899. The NSW 2d stamp paid the foreign letter rate. It is backstamped with Sydney (19 September 1899) and Windsor, Ontario (25 October 1899) transit cancels, Halifax (?? October 1899) receiving cancel.

Rev. P.M. Morrison was, among other things, the Agent for Schemes of the Church of the Eastern Section of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. This section was responsible for administering the mission work in the New Hebrides.

The missionaries wrote to him about their hardships, progress and daily life. Unfortunately, he never got to read this letter as he passed away in July 1899, not long after the annual Synod.

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