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Censored 1942 mourning cover from Jerez de la Frontera, Spain to New York.

Note commercial use of mourning cover.

Postmarked Jerez, 7 Dec 1942.
Sevilla "Servicio Especial / Certificado" 10 Dec 1942 octagonal registration handstamp applied on reverse.
"Censura Gubernativa / Sevilla" boxed handstamp in violet.
US censor tape applied.

The Pedro Domecq company letterhead is printed on mourning cover stock. This well-known Spanish sherry making company was managed at the time by Alvaro Domecq.
He had married Maria Josefa Romero in 1938. Sadly, many of their children died due to her having RH-ve blood type. This became known as the "Domecq Curse." At least one child died in 1939 and another in 1940. Maria Soledad was born in 1942 and survived. However, by the time this letter was sent, it is likely that another child had died.

Let me know if you have another idea why a mourning cover would have been used.

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