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Last updated:   February 18, 2015 (PST)


Back in 1999 when eBay was still finding its feet, a group of Stamps Chat board posters decided to form a club dedicated to educating users who came to the board with questions.

They prepared a list of resources containing links to helpful philatelic webpages.
They ran monthly meetings and held yearly elections.

They became friends.
Many of them met each other face-to-face at stamp shows or on vacations.
They helped each other to make webpages showcasing their own collections, exhibits or educational articles.
They tried to protect users from bidding on questionable material.

They created their own stamps.
They are..... the members of the eBay Users' Stamp Club (also known as the eUSC).


These pages tell the story of the eBay Users' Stamp Club, from its beginnings in 1999 to the present. They list the founding members and the office bearers to date. They show meeting topics. They depict the stamps officially issued by the eUSC, as well as unofficial cinderellas created by members.

They highlight the efforts put in by members to remove auctions offering fraudulent or questionable items and banish the sellers from eBay, and describe eBay's eventual solution to the problem. They document some of the projects carried out by members, and note how board restructuring led to members abandoning the club threads.

A selection of pages reproduce special times on the board in dialogue format:

Shorter topic pages (see 1.4.) depict various events on the board in dialogue format. This includes a page of short quotes, interview style.

In late 2013, thanks to Facebook and the motivation of a few members, new life was breathed into the eUSC. The monthly meetings were resurrected and elections are a possibility.

But best of all, old friends have reconnected.

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1.  Beginnings
     1.1.  eBay Stamps Chat Board
     1.2.  Formation of the eUSC

1.  Beginnings
     1.3.  A Day on the Chat Board
     1.4.  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on the Chat Board
2.  Meetings
     2.1.  Monthly Meetings

     2.1.1.  Monthly Meetings by Topic
     2.2.  eUSC Meeting: Dialogue
     2.3.  eUSC ID Check-in: Dialogue

     2.4.  Face to Face Meetings

3.  eUSC Resources
     3.1.  The Yellow Boxes
     3.2.  Collections

     3.3.  Exhibits
     3.4.  Useful websites

     3.5.  Other chat boards

4.  eUSC Committee
     4.1.  Office Bearers
     4.2.  List of Office Bearers
     4.3.  eUSC Election: Dialogue

  5.  Stamps Issued
       5.1.  eUSC Official Issues
          5.1.1.  eUSC First Issue, 2000
          5.1.2.  eUSC Second Issue, 2001
          5.1.3.  Unissued eUSC Essays

       5.2.  eUSC Cinderellas
          5.2.1.  Volcano Issues

          5.2.2.  Other Issues
6.  The Fight Against Fraud
     6.1.  Misdescribed or Fraudulent Listings


     6.2.  The Florida Forgers
     6.3.  Florida Forgers: Dialogue
     6.4.  The Saratoga Ring

     6.5.  Board Censorship: Dialogue
     6.6.  eBay's Response
7.  Other Projects
     7.1.  Charity Auctions

     7.2.  Greetings from America Cover Project, 2002
     7.3.  Name and Logo Changes, 2004-2005
     7.4.  ABC Show and Tell, 2006-2007

  8.  Later Developments
          8.1.  Missing Members: Poll
          8.2.  Where are they now?

For more information or to apply to join, visit the eUSC website at .

If you have any questions about these pages, please drop me a line at sheryll at sheryll dot net.

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