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1.3.  A Day on the Chat Board

Part of the enjoyment of reading the chat board were the daily postings by some of the members. Some were philatelically related whilst others were just a regular way of signing on and off the board.

Many looked forward to them, comforted by the routine. All was not well with the world if, for example, they hadn't been tucked into bed and wished sweet dreams by abt1950. Members became concerned by a prolonged absence of any of these regular posters.

Below are some of these postings, which gave the board its distinctive feel.

1.3.1.  Rainbow greetings

jim_lawler's colorful morning greeting from Indiana started off the chat board day, and was used by him and others as a board bookmark.

Posted by jim_lawler (522) star about me on Dec-21-02 at 003:58:18 PST Auctions

and an Indiana "Good Morning"
to you all.
Jim L.

1.3.2.  Sunday crossword clue

Every Sunday morning, iomoon would post a crossword clue with a geographical connection.

Posted by iomoon (613) star about me on Nov-17-02 at 06:44:11 PST Auctions

Gd dg eall.

Todays crossword clue:
Mother's iron ruler (8)

1.3.3.  Other morning greetings

A few other regulars had their special way of greeting the other board members each morning. The weather was a common theme in these postings. Posters from other countries such as Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Latvia would clock in during the day, evening or night.

Posted by horadam1 (290) star on Nov-17-02 at 07:43:46 PST Auctions




From sunny, but crisply chilly Dallas.

Posted by sneeky37 (211) star about me on Jul-14-02 at 09:47:24 PST Auctions

A Very Good Day To ALL !!!!!

Posted by knuden (972) star about me storeicon on Sep-14-02 at 01:25:19 PST Auctions

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all.


Posted by kassi_de (844) star on Aug-06-01 at 00:00:00 PST Auctions

Good morning/day/evening ! :-).....bookmark.

Posted by sveiki! (2) on Aug-15-02 at 14:50:58 PST Auctions

Good Morning/Day/Afternoon/Evening! {:o)

1.3.4.  Scan of the day

Small or out of focus scans were frowned upon. Members would poke fun at the more egregious scans by posting them as the "scan of the day".

Posted by nomad55 (460) star about me on Aug-26-02 at 10:51:35 PST Auctions

Are my eyes out of focus, or can this qualify as "scan of the day"?

Posted by hispatrek (22) star about me on Aug-26-02 at 10:54:38 PST Auctions

lol... Did you see it after clicking on it to enlarge???

Posted by vonbag (95) star about me on Aug-26-02 at 10:54:54 PST Auctions

nomad55 probably yes. It's a long time I did not see a worse scan!

Posted by vonbag (95) star about me on Aug-26-02 at 10:58:25 PST Auctions

For the inexperienced:
they are those kinds of scans that when you click on it to enlarge, they become smaller...
la definition of it :-)
Paolo Bagaglia

1.3.5.  Today's "Light Moment"

dcderoo's morning post was designed to defuse any tension on the board and give the regulars a laugh. Some were quite long, some gender specific (e.g., Words Women Use), others were thought-provoking. That on proving that hell is exothermic and will not freeze over was very well received.

Posted by dcderoo (893) star about me on Aug-05-02 at 05:57:51 PST Auctions

And now for today's 'Light Moment'.

 Evidence has been found that William Tell and his family were avid bowlers. However, all the league records were unfortunately destroyed in a fire.

Thus we'll never know for whom the Tells bowled.

1.3.6.  Today in Postal History

jimbo's morning post described a cover cancelled with the day's date. The cover was taken from the public domain (usually eBay) and he would research the postal history. Over the years he has acquired scans of at least two covers with each date. He has published the postings on his website at Today in Postal History.  (Sorry, German inflation link no longer works, but this site should be of use.)

Posted by jimbo (343) star about me on Dec-01-02 at 03:12:56 PST Auctions

Today's dated cover is from Germany and further illustrates the inflation era. Yesterday, Bob in WA, mentioned that the stamps were valued at 352 billion Marks. I think it is more likely that the rates were quadrupled in the last four days. I think the proper interpretation is that the letter could have been sent for 22 billion Marks 4 days before.

For those who are interested, here is a good German inflation site. It shows most of the stamps.


1.3.7.  Today's featured item of postal history

lavart prepared a nightly educational postal history post for the board, when he was not on trips away. Topics centered around his collecting interests of Germany and colonies, describing his research on recent acquisitions.

Posted by lavart (683) star about me on Dec-21-02 at 00:05:19 PST Auctions

Good evening/day to all. Today's featured item of postal history focuses on the German colony of Kiautschou. In November of 1897, two German missionaries on the Shanting peninsula were murdered by a mob. Shortly thereafter a German cruiser squadron showed up at Tsingtau, and the city was occupied by 700 German naval troops. In March of 1898 a treaty was concluded between Germany and China whereby the territory of Kiautschou was leased for 99 years.

This postal card was sent from Kiautschou back to Germany. The card is a standard 10pf crown & eagle design German postal card. It bears a German Marine Schiffspost cancel, No. 38, which was used by the SMS Gefion at that time, dated July 13, 1898. There is a receiving cancel dated Sept 2, 1898.

What makes this card really special is the reverse, which has an ink drawing of the German fortifications at Tsingtau. The detail in this drawing is amazing, including about 12 German flags flying on land, 3 more flying on the ship in the harbor. I have a few cards sent back to Germany from China with different sorts of ink drawings on the back. This is the only one I have seen illustrating the German fortifications. A fabulous piece of philatelic artwork.

1.3.8.  Nightly sign-off greetings

Many members would finish the day with a salutation to board members.

Posted by abt1950 (160) star about me on Nov-16-02 at 23:06:08 PST Auctions

Good night to all and to all sweet dreams of cats with beer on their breath, dogs who appear to be house trained (we hope), and MNH OG bargains where one least expects it. Anne

Posted by antonius-ra (351) star about me on Nov-9-01 at 11:53:04 PST Auctions


Posted by vonbag (91) star about me on Nov-16-02 at 17:24:22 PST Auctions

Good continuation to all!

1.3.9.  Chat board jargon

By the end of 2001, the salutation NOIP (No One In Particular) was commonly used. Invented by samples on October 13, this was an equivalent of the A & S (All and Sundry) general greeting. The related synonym EIG (Everyone in General) was fabricated around the same time and used briefly, but never gained popularity.

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