eUSC Logo 1.2.  Formation of the eUSC

1.2.  Formation of the eUSC

eBay users came to the chat board to get advice on various areas of stamp collecting, including identifying stamps, catalog values, or whether a stamp or cover was genuine. Others asked questions related to selling stamps on eBay. Some just passed the time chatting with other members, and so many friendships were made.

In 1999, jimbo, one of the early eBay users and an eBay Ambassador at the time, promoted the creation of the club with the idea of keeping the chat board active and interesting.

Posted by jimbo (122) star about me on Apr-01-99 at 15:41:11 PST Auctions

APS Question: Thanks to all who answered my question earlier about APS membership. It looks like we have at least 18 names without half trying. What led to the question was the thought that we might be able to do something creative in the way of an on-line stamp club that might be affiliated with APS. 3 sponsoring APS members are required for affiliation and, if at least 12 members or 1/3 of the members, whichever is larger, are members of APS, chapter membership in APS is free.

Now, I'm not exactly sure what an on-line stamp club is but I think you are all creative enough to figure out what sorts of things we might find to do. I would think that something along the lines of a periodic common event like "My Favorite Philatelic Site and Why," "A Stamp Which I find Interesting," Philatelic Quizzes, Philatelic Scavenger Hunts, or even distinguished guest presentations could be fun and maybe a bit educational. I think the only requirement is some degree of enthusiasm and registration with eBay. No dues, of course. Anyone interested?


The 18 founding members are listed in red on the eUSC website at, and are:

George Lipscomb 776
Dave Elsmore de66
John DeNault
Susan S. Spiegel fivesinc
Greg Ioannou g.1
Jim Watson jimbo
Matt Stoll keleofa
Len Bell Len100
James Munch pennystamps
Rich Degillio rich-in-pa
Robert K. Arundale III rkaiii
Marius Wytenburg stampmad
Rosemary Jones tulrose
Steve and Debbie Kleinendorst
Fred Moore tilton
Teresa L. Weigand tersa
Jean Giesler w4tyu
Gudrun Hrefna zih

A generic constitution and by-laws were borrowed from another club (the Tennessee Contest Group) and adapted for the eUSC, coming into effect on April 10. The committee positions were filled by g.1 as Facilitator and pennystamps as Executive Assistant.


We the undersigned, wishing to secure for ourselves the pleasures and benefits of an association of persons commonly interested in the many aspects of Stamp Collecting, constitute ourselves The eBay Stamp Club and enact this constitution as our governing rules.

It shall be our purpose:
- to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members,
- to promote philatelic knowledge, and fraternalism, and
- to conduct club programs and activities to advance the general interest and welfare of Stamp Collecting in conjunction with the eBay community.


It became a chapter of the American Philatelic Society, with full rights of nominating and seconding candidates in APS elections. Jimbo served as the initial APS representative.

eBay Users' Stamp Club APS Charter

Applications for membership were vetted at monthly meetings. Members were to conduct themselves ethically and follow the APS Code of Ethics. Member details were available for view online. Later on a domain name was acquired and a website set up at

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