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2.1.1.  Monthly Meetings by Topic

The following is a list of the eUSC monthly meetings sorted by meeting topic.


Stamp albums (Jan 2014)
Postmarks and Auxiliary Markings (Sep 2014)
Back of the book issues (Mar 2014)
Bridges - in memory of rclwa (Dec 2008)


Changing collecting habits (Oct 2002)
Charity auctions (Nov 2013)
Christmas - in memory of rclwa (Dec 2008)
Christmas (Dec 2006)
Cinderellas (Feb 2014)
Color changelings (Oct 2006)
Commemorative stamps (Oct 2004)
Philatelic Crimes (Dec 2004)
The many relationships between stamps and currency (Apr 2007)


Displays, exhibits, presentations: how do you show off your collection? (Nov 2014)
Easter (Apr 2014)
eBay's banning of listing items (e.g., Nazi, Cuba, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Burma) (Jun 2014)
Evocative Philatelic Items (Dec 2017)
Expertization (May 2002)
Expertizing (Apr 2014)
Fakes, Forgeries, and Altered Stamps (Jul 2014)
Famous and Infamous People (Dec 2014)
Show your favorite page (Jul 2011)
Food on stamps or covers (Sep 2001)
Forgeries (May 2004)


Philatelic Gadgets (Dec 2004)
Opinions of gum on stamps (Nov 2002)
Stamps or postal history relating to heads of state (Feb 2002)
Holiday related philately (Dec 2013)
Famous and Infamous People (Dec 2014)
Investment and collecting (Jan 2003)


Philatelic literature (Nov 2001)
Local stamps (Feb 2014)
Unusual methods of mail carriage (May 2005)
Collecting: mint vs used (Aug 2007)
Mixed frankings (Sep 2006)
Mounting Techniques (Aug 2014)


Nudes - in memory of rclwa (Dec 2008)
catalogued stamp from your collection (Jul 2005)
Obscure Objects of Desire: Want Lists Realistic and Not So Realistic (Oct 2014)
Odds and Sods: Oddball collections, a different way to collect (Jun 2014)
One page displays (Oct 2013)
Oops: how to spoil a good philatelic item (Apr 2006)
War and Peace (May 2014)
collections (Oct 2002)
Philatelic Pheasts (Dec 2004)
Collecting: stamps vs postal history (Jan 2003)
Postmarks and Auxiliary Markings (Sep 2014)
Displays, exhibits, presentations: how do you show off your collection? (Nov 2014)
Printing techniques (Nov 2004)


Resources (updating the Yellow Boxes useful links) (Nov 2013)
We remember them (check-in, remembering those who have passed on) (Dec 2015)
Revenues (Mar 2005)
Revenues (Mar 2014)
Say it with stamps (Jul 2006)
Collecting strategies (Sep 2002)
Successful finds (Oct 2002)
Stamps issued suddenly to replace others (Feb 2007)
Stamp supplies (Aug 2001)


Influence of talent (Nov 2002)
Topical collecting (Jan 2014)
Topical collections (Sep 2004)
Topicals, what you collect and why (Jun 2001)
Unknown stamps (Jun 2007)


War and Peace (May 2014)
What do you collect (Oct 2013)
Why do you collect? (April 2002)
World War II (Nov 2017)


Possible topics for 2018 and beyond

Philatelic Forums and Chat options
eBay’s changes: how do they affect you?

Collecting on a limited budget (Jan 2015)
The art and artistry of stamps (which could include topical stuff as well as methods and favorite stamps) (Feb 2015)
Animal, Mineral, or Vegetable (topical under a new name) (Mar 2015)

Treasures you would like to exhibit ... but can't (Apr 2015)

Stamp shows and bourses (May 2015)
How has your collecting changed over the years? (June 2015)
Back of the book (July 2015)

Transportation (typical and unusual methods of mail delivery) (Aug 2015)
What are your biggest headaches in collecting? (Sep 2015)
The stamp market (what's hot, what's cold, what's gone up, what's gone down) (Oct 2015)

Making postal history (Nov 2015)
In memory of... (Dec 2015)
A meeting devoted to philatelic friends who are no longer with us (dedicated to Bob Lodge and everyone else we've lost, including non-board friends) possibly some of these people mentored us or started us off in a certain collecting direction. Also an attempt to locate those "MIA". Includes an eUSC eBay ID check in.

Flyspecking (Jan 2016)
Stamps - a musical connection (Feb 2016)
Special events ( issues, cancels, covers) (Mar 2016)  
Alphabet Tag (Apr 2016)
verlap with other hobbies (May 2016)

Shows and dealers - what's it like to deal (ask a dealer to attend)

Family stuff
Letters or postcards written in old dialects

Tough issues: What are the hardest things to figure out in the areas you collect? watermarks that are too similar, colors, paper types or printing methods, etc.



Architecture, Art, Authors, Birds, Cats, Stamps predominantly Blue, Stamps predominantly Yellow, Stamps predominantly Red, Engraved Europeans, Eyes, Fish, France, Geometric shapes, Heraldry, Inventors, Islands, Latin names for Fauna, Latin names for Flora, Monuments and sculptures, Mountains, Mythology, Named persons, Places, Sports, Stamps on stamps, Transportation, Vignettes, Women, Stamps featuring dates (excluding date of issue). Open (no topic, but was to allow people to post)


Things starting with these letters: A, B, D, E & F, G, P, S &T.

If you can add other meeting topics to this list, please let me know.

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