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3.5.  Other Chat Boards

Members often frequented other chat boards, depending on their collecting interests and friendships. Some of these were run by members, while others were not.

1covers' Philatelist's board
- Used mainly by US stamp and postal history collectors, but collective board knowledge is world-wide. Occasional discussions on exhibiting and judging. Members often meet at stamps shows. In existence since at least 2000 (please let me know of any earlier dates). Has changed URLs at least once. Latest incarnation on the PhilaMercury website began June 2007. Has remained in basically the same format.

lloydstamps' Virtual Stamp Club, The Stamp Collecting Forum
- Comprehensive threaded forum, features late breaking news in the stamp community, frequented by many APS members. In existence since at least 2002 (please let me know of any earlier dates).

ccmouses Stamp Talk threaded board
This board was implemented to serve the eBay stamp collecting community. As well as  preserving interesting threads and other information, it was used for passing out information which was not appropriate for the eBay board, such as naming problem sellers or exchanging want lists. The board also became a place to link to collections and exhibits. Was around since at least 2001. Was eventually discontinued due to low usage, as other chat boards gained in popularity.

eUSC's Yellow Boxes threaded discussion board
Was set up around 2002 (?) as a way to communicate outside of eBay's purview, but was not used much. No longer exists in spite of being mentioned on the current Yellow Boxes banner.

pennystamps Top 50 Stamp Chat/StampOffers
Launched end June 2002. Later became the board associated with the StampOffers auction listing site. This was sold to in November 2009, but due to ongoing programming issues it was shut down in the summer of 2013.

philatariums StampChat board
- This board was created as an alternative forum to discuss questionable auction listings without incurring censorship from eBay. It was launched in May 2003. Due to problems with threatened lawsuits from sellers, philatarium closed down the board in early 2004.

southernstamptraders StampChat+ board
- Launched March 2004 as a reincarnation of the StampChat board, hosted in Uruguay to avoid issues with lawsuits. Still exists today but is rarely used.

eBay Users Stamp Club Forum
- Launched Dec 28, 2013 by knuden during the December eUSC meeting, this threaded board is a new home for eUSC members. So far it contains links to the YEllow Boxes, the eUSC history, and has topic areas for the Yellow Boxes, the eUSC homepage, the eUSC history, show and tell, and general chat.

Glen Stephenss StampBoards
- Launched April 1 2007, this threaded board began with a group of Australian posters but it soon gained world-wide membership. As well as other normal stamp collecting activities and being part of a social community, board members spend time exposing fraudulent sellers. This has become a very popular board, but be aware that there are "rules" to be followed, or moderators will take action.

The Stamp Forum
- Launched July 2013, this threaded board has a world-wide membership, including some of the eUSC regulars.

Stamp Community Family
- This has a coin forum, tutorials and eBay shopping pages as well as a stamp forum. The U.S. stamps part of the website appears to be well patronized. You should see some familiar names among the eBay sellers.

Top 50 Stamp Chat 2002

Top 50 Stamp Chat board, June 2002

StampChat board, June 2003

StampChat board, June 2003

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