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3.4.  Useful websites

Some chat board members developed stamp identification webpages and websites. Others published educational articles online.

claghorn1p Comparative Stamp Forgery Identification Website
de66 Revenue & Railway Stamps of Australia
Perfin Stamps of Australia
jaywild Perforation flip comparison test
10c Issue of 1855-57
Scott 64, 64b, or 65? Pink, rose pink, or dull red
First 3¢ Stamped Envelopes
Grilled Stamps
Large “Banknotes”
A foolproof way of identifying the “soft paper” of banknote printings
First Bureau Issues
Abe Lincoln’s “tiny eye”
Washington-Franklin stamps of 1908-22
2nd & 3rd Issue Revenue Designs
Colors, Scott 70/78, 24¢ Washington
15 Oliver Wendell Holmes TYPES, Prominent American series
jimbo Introduction to Stamp Collecting
Today in Postal History
Notes from the Past  
sheryll*net eBay - forgeries, fakes, dodgy sellers, scams: the tip of the iceberg
theswedishtiger US Postage Stamp Easy Identification Guide

Please let me know of any other websites that should be included in this list.

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