eUSC Logo 3.1.  The Yellow Boxes

3.  eUSC Resources

3.1.  The Yellow Boxes

The Yellow Boxes were produced as a group collaboration by eUSC members, based on a list of philatelic resources drawn up at a monthly meeting. Jimbo produced the code for them, basing it on those of the Coins board. Some time later they were given their yellow hue to differentiate them from those of the Coins board. The yellow color was possibly suggested by mendelbrot.

Yellow Boxes 2001

The Yellow Boxes as they appeared on the board in 2001.

They were posted to the board daily and were aimed at helping those who came to the board with questions. Various members maintained and improved them over time, including jimbo, 776 (and his son Gavin), rfaux, sveiki! and billsey.

eUSC Logo

The Yellow Boxes as they appear on the eUSC website today.

Changes to eBay's discussion board coding in recent years have removed the ability to add the yellow background color to the Yellow Boxes when posted to the boards.

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