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4.3.  eUSC Election: Dialogue

Election Night Special on the eBay Stamps chat board, 16th March 2003

(with thanks to Monty Python)

Hello and welcome to 'Election Night Special'. There's great excitement here and we should be getting the results through any minute now. The polling's been quite heavy, so let's go straight over to the eBay Stamps chat board.

Posted by malolo (531) star about me on Mar-16-03 at 21:57:28 PST Auctions

Paul - Sailing was great and I came back to see I’ve won the Jackson Pollock of razor cancels [broken link]. Am I looking forward to getting this in my hands for study.

To the Board - Please do not expect me to create messages such as Paolo’s at 13:13:02.

Posted by trianglemaaarten (122) star about me on Mar-16-03 at 22:53:35 PST Auctions

malolo Roger - What a beauty. That 'Pollock-cover' is a true piece of art. Can you find the significance of all the writing?
Perhaps a new collecting topic: covers that (unintended) resemble paintings.

PS: Did you get the results of the eUSC-Presidential elections yet? Or do we get another "too close to call"? I assume you're having almost a nervous breakdown by now.

Posted by lavart (747) star about me on Mar-16-03 at 23:17:07 PST Auctions

Maarten The latest I heard about the election was that the outcome is being held up as the result of certain activities going on in Florida. It seems that certain photorotogravure ballots can not be read properly. The matter may have to be decided by Diana Ross and the Supremes Court.

Posted by vonbag (104) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 03:47:29 PST Auctions

Good day / night all!
ELECTIONS: there are 61 votes in total, thanks to the last two votes of Sneeky (thanks for your kind e-mail) and of Greg (G.1).

It is with great joy I can communicate you that
ROGER (eBay ID: malolo) is the winner
and he is the
Next President of the eBay Users' Stamp Club
votes at his favour!

(3 votes for Bob in WA and 2 votes for me, but I was out of the contest)



Posted by g.1 (577) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 04:19:33 PST Auctions

Paolo Thanks for the terrific job you did as President. I'm sure Roger will also be outstanding. We're lucky to have such wonderful talent to draw from!

Posted by quokka999 (95) star on Mar-17-03 at 04:46:19 PST Auctions

Roger congratulations on becoming our next El Presidente. And thanks to Paolo for a job very well done over the last year. How time has flown!


Posted by iomoon (667) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 05:29:46 PST Auctions

Gód dæg eall.

Congratulations Roger

Happy St. Patrick's day

Posted by as_is (4) about me on Mar-17-03 at 05:44:33 PST Auctions

Yay!!!! Congratulations, Roger! Now, stay out of trouble for a year, y'hear? ;-)

Paolo - What a great president you made!! No one else will have your special style......


Posted by kiompie (188) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 06:03:43 PST Auctions

Roger Long live the new king ! - I live in a monarchy :-)

Paolo Thank you for all your kindness and dedication.

Posted by kassi_de (1935) star on Mar-17-03 at 06:29:28 PST Auctions

Congratulation !!! Roger :-) and thanks Paölo. making your job gentle all the time :-)

Posted by kassi_de (1935) star on Mar-17-03 at 06:30:23 PST Auctions

oh, only "o" and not "ö"...

Posted by trianglemaaarten (122) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 06:56:24 PST Auctions

Oh malolo Roger, King of Kona Coffee, Sailing Saint, Saviour of Switzerland, Ruler of the Razors, Emperor of eBay, Prince of the Pun, Fighter of Fakes, we welcome you!

Posted by thebriguy1 (9) on Mar-17-03 at 07:07:44 PST Auctions

WHEW! finally an end to the infamous macarena dance at political events. Now we all have to learn the hula. :o)

Posted by kmichael (219) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 07:21:19 PST Auctions

<snip long post on pointing hand markings>

Last, but not least, congratulations to Roger, sympathies to Bob and many thanks to Paolo.

Ken in IL

Posted by waves_1 (375) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 07:34:16 PST Auctions

Speech, Speech!!

Posted by antonius-ra (454) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 08:02:00 PST Auctions

Roger Congrats on your new position. I'm sure you will continue the fine tradition of past presidents.

Paolo I think we are all indebted to you for the outstanding job you did as President!

Posted by iomoon (667) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 08:38:33 PST Auctions

For those new to the eUSC and those with bad memories, eUSC presidents

  1. g.1
  2. iomoon
  3. cableguy52
  4. vonbag
  5. malolo

Posted by ed845 (1743) star on Mar-17-03 at 09:01:29 PST Auctions

Congratulations Roger: Long may your reign be.

Thanks Paolo for your wonderful postings. I hope you won't disapear from the board but will continue to entertain us.


Posted by malolo (531) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 09:10:06 PST Auctions

Members of the eBay Users' Stamp Club

Thank you for your votes of confidence.
I will do my best to continue the high quality of leadership established by the previous Presidents.
g.1 (Greg), Iomoon (Jim), and vonbag (Paolo) set a standard which is tough to follow, but I'll give it my best shot. Everyone, please feel free to email me anytime, I'll do my best to reply in a timely manner. One hope is that the technical people continue doing their wonderful jobs hosting our Yellow Boxes, and eBayUSC site, I'm not knowledgeable enough to make any changes, nor do I see the need at this time.

Paolo Again, thanks for a wonderful year of Discussion Topics, interesting Italian philatelic posts (you are an expert), and your mathematical - technical contributions, which always led to interesting debates.


Happy St Patrick's Day

Posted by malolo (531) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 09:10:06 PST Auctions

My first screw-up! I missed cableguy52(Jeff), who was our third President.

I know Io will be reminding me of any miscues.

I'm off to work, it's slightly overcast here today, but sailing yesterday was perfect. (We got a third place.)


Posted by hland2000 (145) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 09:23:48 PST Auctions

It's been a year already.....Are we going to issue a stamp for all the past presidents...

Ah, the pleasures of stamp hunting. I bought on ebay about a month ago 3 small accumulations from South America for 35 cents a piece. Shipment for all was reasonable. Didn't get a chance until yesterday to take a look at it. Well, it was the bottom of the barrel - literally. Missing perfs, creases, age spots, you name it. The one stamp that caught my eye to get it had a torn corner. Was there any redemption to it, yes, I found an invert variety that is okay condition. Hey, you never know....

Posted by miekemuis (1) about me on Mar-17-03 at 09:41:19 PST Auctions

Hello all,
Roger: Congratulations! I think Paolo and me have to come to your place to hand over the scepter :-)
And thanks to all the club members for the past year, on behalf of me; it was tough sometimes... :-)
Roger: my sympathies to the future Mrs President! LOL
Kind regards, Michelle

Posted by rclwa (621) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 09:44:09 PST Auctions

Congratulations, Roger! I've always much enjoyed your posts and am confident you have what it takes to do a wonderful job of following a tough act, but in your own style. And cheers to our outgoing former president, well deserving a rest from a job superbly done. But don't make yourself too scarce,

Paolo. I much enjoy your posts, even though most are beyond my ability to make a meaningful comment or addition to them. Keep them coming.

I was surprised to see a few votes entered for me, and I thank their posters for the kind intentions. I feel your confidence was perhaps misplaced, however, and you do not know my capacity for procrastination (or precrastination!) I am not at present prepared to take on such obligations, and would have declined a nomination. Still it was a pleasant surprise.

Ken -- Interesting pointing hand covers! Those hand drawn ones are really neat.

Hey, it's St Patricks day--maybe a day to post unusual GREEN stamps or cancels?

Bob in WA

Posted by vonbag (104) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 10:07:52 PST Auctions

That was my wife's (miekiemuis) humorous post.
I had lots of fun and satisfactions during this year.

I learned how to update in HTML, limitating the screw ups within a certain level of tolerance.
I was measured with improvising meeting topics, about which Maarten had also helped me.

On Saturday evening I replied to most of the e-mails of the new applicants, many dating from past September (!), and I will do the update (all the html is ready) within this week, as I promised.
My wife also helped me, in some occasions.

Knud-Erik the onlywrapper I can say somethin is the one from Kolding to Venice. The recipient had the address "FERMO IN POSTA" (spelled "Ferma in posta" referring to the mail/correspondence, which in Italian are both feminine, Posta and corrispondenza) in a certain Post Office in Venice; "Fermo in posta" = "POSTE RESTANTE".

I am off to cook. Then I will check up on the board and will reply to the kind thoughts in your posts.


Posted by jakstay (165) star on Mar-17-03 at 10:17:18 PST Auctions

Add my congrats to Roger and compliments to Paolo for being a very good prexy, (not the 1938 issue, though). Bill B.

Posted by vonbag (104) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 11:47:41 PST Auctions

Many thanks for your kind comments: G.1 (the first and founder president), Paul (Qoukka999), Ashleigh, Kiompie, Nomad55, Ken in Illinois, Mitchell, Ed (I will keep on posting, thank you for your kind note), Roger, Bob in WA, Bill B. :-) (Jakstay) and all!]
Again, Congratulations to Roger, whom I will give all the support he might require.

Posted by gkop80639 (161) star on Mar-17-03 at 11:58:28 PST Auctions

Congratulations, Roger.

However, there are some issues which must be addressed:

What is the protocol for how we address you now; Mr. President, El Commandante, Your Lordship, His Highness, etc.?

Is the honeymoon period 100 days, after which we may call you any danged thing we like?

Are there any high-paying cabinet posts I may suck, ahem...apply for?


On a most serious note, I hope you are aware that I will hold your feet to the fire in leading this rag-tag group to fight the corruption and scandal plaguing this so-called "venue".


Posted by stampmad (716) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 11:58:29 PST Auctions

Roger Congrats on your appointment and a big thank you to Paolo for a job well done in the last year


The vote was not constitutional with less than the required quorum of one quarter of the membership being present at the meeting. Refer article IV of the constitution.
If my memory serves me correctly I do not believe a quorum has been reached at any meeting we have held for 4 years. I will be moving for an amendment at our next meeting that will in essence delete the membership rights of members who have not posted to the board in the previous year or made their intentions of continuing membership known by way of email to the president.
I will put arguments forward for my motion 2 weeks prior to the next meeting but in the meantime it may want to be considered by other members.
BTW for my amendment to pass it has to gain the vote of about 300 members so you can see the absurdity of it all.


Posted by iomoon (667) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 12:08:33 PST Auctions

May I remind you that this is the first time there even was a vote as to the next president of eUSC.
In the past it has been a case of the outgoing president emailing a prospective candidate whose reply was generally of the form "if no one else wants the job, I'll do it".

Posted by trianglemaaarten (122) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 12:26:32 PST Auctions

I vote for stampmad Marius as our President as per April 2004! (Just 299 more needed, we'd better start early.). Vegemite rules!

Posted by ed845 (1743) star on Mar-17-03 at 12:38:14 PST Auctions

trianglemaarten: I second that. 298 to go.

Ed Who thought he would never give anything to someone from Oz let alone a vote.

Posted by dbenson (3545) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 12:39:15 PST Auctions

Marius, seeing you are a Banana Bender, I hope you are getting the plain brown paper bags ready,


Posted by stampmad (716) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 12:51:50 PST Auctions

D2...Goodness gracious me.....Do you think I could stoop so low?

Posted by davidsnee (132) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 13:33:15 PST Auctions

Congratulations! Roger!

President of the Ebay's User's Stamp Club!

Posted by knuden (1165) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 13:42:14 PST Auctions

Congratulation Roger with the election! Can you use a court jester?

Paolo - Thank you for your time as President - I have enjoyed it!  (Thanks for the informaion about my Danish wrapper - a pleasant surprice!)

K.E. Make peace - no war!

Posted by davidsnee (132) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 14:11:48 PST Auctions

eBay -- Spelling should be... small e .....BIG..... E. Sorry!


Posted by davidsnee (132) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 14:13:09 PST Auctions


Posted by horadam1 (306) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 15:35:48 PST Auctions




Cold, snowy Whistler, B.C.

Posted by billsey (458) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 18:11:23 PST Auctions

Roger, congratulations on your new avocation! Send me an e-mail and I'll get you setup with appropriate access to the eUSC web page, unless you want to deligate those tasks to someone else. [Paolo, your access will stay unless someone else complains. :-)].

Posted by dkru (305) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 19:41:41 PST Auctions

malolo...Hail Caesar! Congartulations Roger on your elevation.

vonbag...Thank you for a wonderful year of service to the club.


Posted by abt1950 (169) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 20:20:09 PST Auctions

Congrats to Roger on his new position as the official eUSC Big Kahuna.

And congrats to Paolo on a job well done! Take a bow please!

Posted by malolo (531) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 20:37:43 PST Auctions

Here goes -

Ladies first - Michelle, Thank you for your sympathies to my wife. She has shown true spirit in the past by making an incredible snipe for me, one hour early, during my pre-Esnipe days. She made up for her error by staying online, and setting up a final snipe at such a high amount there was no way she was going to lose. At the time, a very nice addition to my collection. That’s why I love her.);>) She is writing a book, so needs her time without interruption, I couldn’t think of anything to do except buy stamps and make psots here! );>)
Anne - Thanks, that has a certain ring to it, a Jewish word I presume?);>)

Bob in WA - Nice green stamps! and better luck next time.
George - I promise to encourage and support any efforts to educate collectors and Ebay about fraud and fakery on this venue. Keep up the good work, I’m certain it will be rewarded sometime in the future.
Marius - I welcome any amendments to our Constitution and think it would be appropriate to consider the process. I’ll be honest, big bucks influenced this election with a couple of your countrymen contributing incredibly large amounts to the campaign fund, though in Italian lira and Monopoly money. In anticipation of inflation I bought this cover to practice counting large numbers [broken link].
davidsnee - Nice HTML, Keep it up!
knuden - Court jester - you’re in!
Vic - I’m glad you have Hawaii in your future. Your daily post of “dull and miserable in Texas” and now “Cold, snowy Whistler, BC” are truly depressing. I got sunburned a little yesterday.
Io - You’re as Texan as they come, Gun Club for’evens sake!
billsey - I’ll email you in a couple of days. I’m actually quite happy delegating the technical aspects of this job, but will work closely with any one who wishes to participate. I assume you are able to continue?

Thanks to those who voted in the initial eBay USC election. The President (GW) had his man call my man, and told my man I had 24 hours to leave the country, taking my son with me. Since I have no son, I figured operations had called the wrong number. Being a President leads to all sorts of complications on the threat and diplomatic front. I hope this gets sorted out before the troops land in Kona by mistake. In any event we’ve covered the roads with used banana skins left by the sneeky’s in the balcony.


Posted by iomoon (667) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 21:12:04 PST Auctions

vic is constantly complaining because he lives in the cold, wet, flat part of the state.
I, however, live in the hot, dry, high part of the state.
Today was a cool 69F but wind was blowing up to 34mph which made cycling tricky (to say the least).

Posted by rclwa (621) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 21:22:31 PST Auctions

Roger -- Io as Texan as they come? I thought the stereotype drove a Cadillac convertible with longhorn steer horns hood ornament. Io rides a bicycle.

(So do I, these days.)

Bob in WA

Posted by abt1950 (169) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 21:24:07 PST Auctions

Good night to all and to all sweet dreams of Egyptian stamps, the weather in Texas, and the similarity of beverages consumed on St. Patrick's Day and Purim. Anne

Posted by knuden (1165) star about me on Mar-17-03 at 23:51:12 PST Auctions

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all.

Malolo  - Mr. President, If I now give you an offer you can't refuse - what kind of appointment will this get [broken link]?  :O)

K.E. Make peace - no war!

Posted by malolo (531) star about me on Mar-18-03 at 00:03:51 PST Auctions

Knud-Erik - I think you may be disappointed. The money should have gone in the envelope!
But as jester you are entitled to post any tricks or jokes you think necessary to keep the court in good humor.

Roger, off to sleep and dream of ...........

Posted by sheryll-oswald (90) star about me on Mar-18-03 at 00:51:25 PST Auctions

Roger - I extend my congratulations for your appointment to the eUSC Presidency. I offer you this small token as a show of my admiration for your courageousness in accepting such a demanding position.

Paolo - Greetings and fond regards to you. You were an outstanding President, keeping law and order among the rabble, and coming up with interesting and intriguing meeting topics. Please accept this gift in recognition of your achievements during your term of office

On another note, I return to the board after a weekend "sleuth job" in eastern Europe to find that there has been an unauthorised payment made out of the firm's funds. AU$500 appears to be missing from the safe. Know anything about it, Roger?
Ashleigh also reports that half her fortnight's pay has gone AWOL......

As I know your ethics are beyond reproach, I ask for your support in tracking down this fraudster, whoever he is, and pledge scads of fraud-fighting operatives at your disposal.

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