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6.6.  eBay's Response

Finally action!

After spending over a year with no response from eBay, gkop80639 sent an email to Rob Chesnut, the new Vice President of eBay Trust and Safety in May 2003. Chesnut was sympathetic and thus began a dialogue between eBay and the stamp collecting community regarding questionable or fraudulent listings.

Chesnut and his staff immediately worked to remove the Saratoga Ring from eBay, including any reincarnated buyer/seller combinations appearing in later months and years.

APS Partnership and the SCW

eBay partnered with the American Philatelic Society (APS) and rewrote its Stamps Selling Policy to be backed by the APS code of ethics. It formed a group of volunteers from the stamp collecting community (collectors and dealers), SCADS and the APS to vet reported questionable listings. This was first called the Voices of eBay, with the name later changing to the Stamp Community Watch (SCW) group. See the eBay news page on the SCADS website for more information on these events.

The auction report form now had a special category for reporting questionable stamp listings, and the link was developed to make it even easier to reports listings to the SCW. Eventually this link was added to the top of the eBay Stamps chat board. It is still functional.

The present day

While this process has its drawbacks, it remains in place today in an evolved form. Different volunteers have participated over the years. eBay Germany has implemented a similar idea, and I believe it works more quickly and efficiently than that on the US site.

eBay gradually changed the privacy settings on its site over the years, so that it is no longer possible to know bidder ID names, nor to see what they are bidding on, nor to be able to send messages to them.

Fraudulent listings are still to be found, and these days posters of the website follow them up and report them to eBay.

The eBay boards have reverted back to being a place for stamp collectors to ask questions and talk about aspects of their hobby. However, occasional postings on forgeries and fraudulent listings, such as the The selling of Fake Stamps on Ebay thread, bear watching.

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