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6.3.  Florida Forgers: Dialogue

Ethel the Frog (aka eBay Stamps chat board), 2nd May 2001

(with thanks to Monty Python)

Good evening. On Ethel the Frog tonight we look at forgeries. The forgeries of Hialeah, Florida. Last Tuesday a reign of terror began again when the notorious eBay sellers futete and unlimitedstamps, after being suspended, were reinstated and allowed to resume selling "yesterday's" forgeries......

Our eUSC member on the spot at the eBay Stamps chat room reports:

Fraud Fighter:  Anyone want to contact some of the bidders of the Haileah forgeries, I am getting tired of contacting the bidders, buyers and those that have left complimentary feedback as either I get no answer or a comment that they're buying the material for reference, CAVEAT EMPTOR, serves them right, it's their money they are throwing away. I still haven't received a reply from Snottyharbor asking why they were reinstated.

Concerned Collector 1:  FF, You have to sit back and wonder if the people buying "yesterdays forgeries" (literally) are hoping that purveyors will get exposed and be regarded as modern day Fourniers and Speratis etc. And thereby become valuable items of themselves. Alternatively they may think they are buying old time forgeries which are almost worth equally as much (nothing) except as "reference" material. Even really bad old forgeries (Stock exchange is a good one) seem to fetch ridiculous prices.

Fraud Fighter:  CC1, I have been informed that articles are being written in various magazines about the material and that Ebay has been getting a lousy name over it for not kicking them out. However if the buyers want to keep buying it after they have been told it is worthless there is not much that we can do.

Spain Collector:  CC1 - I couldn't agree more. My personal belief is that forgeries should have nominal value only, as in for reference purposes. I do really like the really bad ones though, I mean the ones where words are misspelled and so on. I will never pay much for them and when I am finished collecting Spain, I will donate all my reference stamps to either the APS or SPS (I'm not sure if the SPS has a reference collection or not). I will also leave specific instructions for whomever inherits my collection should anything happen to me before I'm ready to go. In any case, the forgeries I have bought will not land in the hands of dealers again, even if I have to burn them before I die.

BTW - It appears Danastamps is now selling Speratis. He has a bunch of Spanish ones up now, but for way more than I am willing to pay for forgeries.

Forgery Collector:  SC, I also think the control numbers were hand done on the forgery. I was very glad to get it for less than a buck. I picked up some Speratis from Dana the first time around, but they are expensive. I can't wait to add them to my exhibit.

Spain Collector:  FC - I wish he had better scans of the actual stamps, I wouldn't mind adding them to my electronic reference collection.

Concerned Collector 2:  FF - Those fake overprints could be giving you some competition, if the buyers are unaware of the Florida situation. I can't imagine anything concocted presently as a reference for any old stamp. In fact, everything else is a reference against their products. They aren't really forgeries, but facsimiles, very much like a person color copying stamps and selling them as "copies, good references". They are out to dupe the unwary. Off to sleep with thoughts of fantasy covers, practicing my modern typography, and double checking the alignment specs on my laser printer.

Fraud Fighter:  CC2, give it one more try, will contact the bidders and ask them to view this board, they might see your comments and realise what XXXXXXXXXXX they are by bidding on, Your comment THEY ARE OUT TO DUPE THE UNWARY might get them to wake up, cancel their bids and donate the money to a charity instead.

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