eUSC Logo 7.4.  ABC Show and Tell, 2006-2007

7.4.  ABC Show and Tell, 2006-2007

In 2006, infla-alec posed the idea of posting items related to the letters of the alphabet, consecutively each week, from A to Z. To encourage posters to put up worthy offerings, the postings were to be judged, initially by infla-alec for the letter "A", then by the winner of the previous week's letter.

The items posted did not have to be owned by the poster, but any items not owned were to be declared as such.

The first showing of the "Alphabet contest" began in early September with "A" related items, and the "Z" postings finished on the first weekend in March 2007. The following week's postings were of the non-Latin letters such as and , and the ten subsequent weeks featured the numbers "0" through "9". The contest finished up in mid-May. Monthly meetings were held as per normal during the periods of the showings.

The quality of the postings exceeded all expectations, making it very difficult for each "judge" to decide on a winner. Some posters won multiple times, due to the quality of their material and its write-up. Copies of all the postings were saved before they scrolled off the board, so that interested board users could read them when they found the time.

Below is a summary of the winners for the A-Z part of the contest.

A claghorn1p "A" for Alemania on Colombia SCADTA stamps
B jim_lawler "B" cancels from the Kokomo Stamp Club's Mailers Postmark Permit
C kchrist499 Chilean stamp with the seven (eight?) "C"s
D sayasan Burma stamp
E lluehhhb Chilean earthquake semi-postals on cover
F taodave Feldpost emergency covers
G 22028 Nepal (1907 cover Gorkha to Katmandu), Iraq (Ghuchan Iraq Railway cover)
H malolo Swiss Razor cancel items related to HERISAU
I taodave two German East Africa "Inderbriefs" (Indian letters) and "Internment Camp Mail", sent from German East Africa
J deh3 1883 "Jail" cover to a prisoner at Fort Leavenworth
K lavart 1898 German postal card from Kiautschou
L bwiphilately Leeward Islands error
M taodave Macequece and Musoma covers
N sheryll*net New Hebrides exhibit webpage
O jaywild October 5 dated covers and stamps
P wrd3 perfins
Q de66 Queensland Revenues The Smaller Taxes 1885-1965 display
R jaywild US revenues
S sayasan Shan States items of Burma and Myanmar (initially awarded to taodave who declined it)
T de66 Telegraph Revenues of New South Wales
U rolyrj NZ Penny Universal stamps study
V chipg exhibit on "CG" initials on Victoria penny black, twopence blue and penny red
W knuden Danish postal wrappers exhibit, wrappers with contents
X dbenson Tonga cover with King George II stamps x'ed out
Y taodave Yedo
Z lavart "Zuruck" (return to sender) covers and postal cards

The winning posts were saved and incorporated into the eUSC website as the "A to Z" webpage. A contest was run to decide on the alphabet-related icon for the webpage, and richwong won with his submission of a large alphabet souvenir sheet of Hong Kong issued in 2005.

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