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8.  Later Developments


In 2004, the constitution was changed to add a Media Liaison Officer and an APS Representative to the committee. The name of the club was also changed from eBay Stamp Club to eBay Users Stamp Club. New logos were designed.


The constitution was changed yet again to add an apostrophe to the club name.


infla-alec initiated the ABC Show and Tell, whereby board members posted items related to the letters of the alphabet, consecutively each week, The displays were posted from September 2006 to May 2007. Besides the letters "A"-"Z", it also featured non-Latin letters and the numbers "0" through "9".


After a vote, the eUSC logo was changed to the current version, adding the apostrophe.


In 2011 eBay replaced the unthreaded Stamps chat board with a threaded Stamp Collectors discussion board. On October 16 members and regulars posted on the old board for the last time. The committee tried to keep an eUSC thread and an eBay Stamp Chat Board thread going on the new threaded Stamp Collectors discussion board, but many members were not pleased with the new format and moved on.

eBay chat board thread on new threaded board

First two posts from the EBAY STAMP CHAT BOARD thread on the new discussion board


In 2013 the eUSC was put up as a group on Facebook. In October, abt1950 resurrected monthly meetings. sheryll*net began writing up the history of the club, and received input from many members during the first meeting. At the December meeting, knuden created a new forum for the eUSC, at

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