eUSC Logo 8.2.  Where are they now?

8.2.  Where are they now?

Have you wondered whatever happened to a chat board member?

This page attempts to keep track of members and is current as of September 2015. The information provided came mainly from the October 2013 meeting thread, but also from the various eUSC and eBay Stamps chat board and Facebook threads.

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Still active board members

(have posted on the eUSC, chat board or meeting threads since October 2013)

22028 (me)     77caplan     abt1950     antonius-ra (me)     billsey     bjornmu     bwiphilately     ccmouse (me)     charlietuna619 (me)     dbenson (me)     de66     djs127 (me)     due2cents     duncan_doenitz     expcman (me)     g.1 (me)     greenwave4u (me)     horadam1 (me)     iomoon (me)     jaywild (me)     jim_lawler (me)     jimbo (me)     keleofa (me)     knuden (me)     lluehhhb      magnoliastamps (was 2red4u!)      malolo (me)     meostamps     oggilby (me)     paperhistory (me)     peetah     philatarium (me)     postalhysteria (me)     rfaux (me)     ranger15     richwong     sheryll*net (me)     schuylercrap (me)     smolcott     sneeky37 (me)     spain_1850 (me)     srailkb (me)     stampmad (me)     stamps12345 (was stamp12345)     stanley613     trianglemaarten (me)     vonbag (me)

Still active on eBay boards

(but haven't posted on eUSC or chat board threads since October 2013)

cobbie10 (me)     daveroo (formerly dcderoo)     kr.baker     sayasan     thines     wbattles (me)

Still active and post on Philatelist board

1covers (me)     dbenson (me)     malolo (me)     nomad55 (me)     paperhistory (me)     rdhinmn (was rdhinstl)     thines


776 (7-12-2009, age 60)
classicbruce (2007-2009?)
ed845 (2007-2009?)
rclwa (12-21-2008, age 68)
(9-4-2006, age 64)

eBay ID is still registered

americannostalgia (me)     anerdman     bjbjr (me)     bradstonian (me)     cableguy52     cfrphoto     chipg     chipmunkian     chk99989     claghorn1p (me)     cmarsha     coverwiz     europhil (me)     filcom     flip138     g.1 (me)     geokster     gf9     infla-alec (me)     ioloonie (me)     jfr     joke-boy (me)     jrwinsom (me)     karlhh     kathmoon (me)     kiompie    krautinjapan (me)     lavart (me)     lee (me)     matthew1999 (me)     mendelbrot     mrsamoa (me)     pavos     pertinax (me)     petrelet (me)     philatarium (me)     philcomp (me)     poppadawg (me)     postalviews (was tomloweculturarlanthhhropology)     quokka999     rclwa     reperf     rich-in-pa     sarge (me)     stamphick!     stampn01 (me)     stampspecialist     stamptraders     stjohnstamps (me)     theswedishtiger     three_rows     tidbinbilla1     tilton (me)     tulrose     underhi2p (me)     usstamps     vandemonia (me)     wrd3     xzephyr (me)     zookzook

eBay ID is registered but details don't match

(wrong joining date)

berekum (reincarnated in 2010)
chinggiskhan (reincarnated in 2012)
hobbes9324 (reincarnated in 2008)
kassi_de (reincarnated in 2012)
kmichael (reincarnated in 2012)
rockyraccoon (reincarnated in 2013)
samples (reincarnated in 2012)
thebriguy1 (reincarnated in 2007)
tycophil (reincarnated in 2011)
tomsfound (reincarnated in 2005)

eBay IDs on database but NARU'd

atdinvest (last feedback Apr 2004)
eddiephilatelic (last feedback Dec 2003)
ladycop (0 feedback)
thurgoona (last feedback Feb 2005)
waves_1 (last feedback Jul 2004)

eBay ID is no longer in database

59eldoradoconvertible    776    as_is    blackmongoose    blangoren        catwhowalksbyherself     classicbruce    ddetr    ed845    gkop80639    hingelicker    jakstay    lvcraps     margozim    pennystamps     redlion48    smudger _the_ink    spain_1850    t.nitpicker    tallan.ent    wiredstamps

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