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8.3.  Where they are now

Have you wondered whatever happened to a chat board member?

This page attempts to keep track of members and is current as of late Feb 2014. The information provided came mainly from the October 2013 meeting thread, but also from the various eUSC and eBay Stamps chat board threads.

eUSC members are listed in alphabetical order by ID, and a short list of active non-eUSC members follows.

eUSC Members


My collections,

  New Zealand 1898-1967 and Cook ~Islands up to 1967.Just getting started on Indo china.

-- Ken Caplan


As you know, my major collecting areas are Egypt and Luxembourg. My mother's family came from Luxembourg and I inherited my grandfather's collection.  Egypt comes from my childhood fascination with Egyptology.

I've taken Luxembourg almost as far as I can take it with my own knowledge.  It's a matter of filling in expensive officials and avoiding forgeries.  There are some resources in English, but the officials are very tricky.

My Egyptian collection still has a lot of room for expansion.  There are a lot more specialist resources available in English and a lot of possibilities for flyspecking.   I'm about 10% through putting together my own album, but  I haven't worked on it in awhile.

I recently started in on Malta. but haven't gotten far.  Sticker shock on catalog prices.

Then there are the other stuff that ends up in my collection--Austria, Greece, Iceland, Sweden, perfins, pretty topical  stamps that take my fancy, and general worldwide up to the 1970s or so.

Too much to collect, too little time.  Never kick a good stamp out of the album.

-- Anne Burson-Tolpin

Suez Canal Company - genuine
Suez Canal Company - forgeries
PPC Quelle Cafe, Portland - crawfish
PPC 1915 Rose Festival, Portland


Not much changed with me except my relations with Ebay which is pretty much nonexistant..
I have been forging through trying to complete as much as the world as possible. I officially retired (from what I don't know) but am collecting my social security now. I continue to spend mostly full time at my collection. I've been lucky finding no shortage of stamps I still need and am expanding most areas constantly. I have been adding so much that I would not know where to start at showing. I'm quite sure that I am well over the 300,000 different now with many countries at the 99% level of completion.

-- Mitchell Ward

The Antonius Ra Collection Presents: The World of Stamps - Map Index
The Antonius Ra Collection Presents: The World of Stamps - A-Z Index


I collect [worldwide] to 1940. Great seeing everyone here!

I haven't done any selling for several years, though if I ever get bored with working on new material I probably will pick it up again. ;-) I have plenty of stuff that I could sell, I just don't want to put the resources in to do it. It'd certainly take away from working on my collections.

-- Bill Seymour

Bill Seymour's collections


Apart from a general collection of the Nordic countries + Germany + UK +++, still collecting postmark errors of all kinds. I am now up to 178 different "countries" or postal entities. The last addition was Braunschweig, a cover postmarked 31 APR 1863. Now hoping to add another century, as I'm going to bid on a cover from Nottingham 1772 with an inverted date. The oldest I have now is from 1801.

-- Bjørn Munch


I still drop in from time to time.  I just hate this format is all.  Still love the people though

My collecting interests remain the same.  I have sold off most of my U.S. Airmail collection.  Moving to Oklahoma and a new home has taken most of my disposable income (new deck, remodeling rooms ect.).,  I have been able to add a few Lufthansa and LATI. covers but most of the holes that need to be filled are high dollar and that has slowed me down a bit.

Thanks to the Ladies for igniting a flame in the club again hopefully.

-- Don Bradley


Still collecting the same,

 Tonga to 1896, Niger Coast Protectorate & Queensland Receiving Post Offices although very little being added.

-- David Benson

Queensland 'Olympus' cover
Tonga 1896 overprints - typing mistakes
Burutu covers


Supporting the Queensland Australia chapter of the club.

Collector and exhibitor of Revenues -

Also perfins -

-- Dave Elsmore

Revenue and Railway Stamps of Australia
Perfin Stamps of Australia


I continue to buy and sell on Ebay (buy more than I sell), was a dealer at the Clifton stamps show this past September, and I am now trying to trade stamps on facebook. I am working Indian consulting company called MphasiS been at JP Morgan Chase since August 2011 but the beggining of this month started a new position at JPMC but this time in mid-town manhattan,

I had to remove my verizon web site so I started a stamp blog at  but have not done much yet with it.

Would be interested to know what software other stamp collectors/sellers use for websites, Ebay pstings etc?

I collect worldwide used till 1995 in Scott International albums, mint in specialty albums, Israel mint tabbed, Palestine, Israel and Great Britain First day covers, and Judaica.

-- David Snyder


Work, mostly. And trying to make sense of South Australian stamps and postmarks. They're so much more complex than the catalogues show.

-- Greg Ioannou


I feel like an office junior here as only a member since 2003 :smileyhappy: Nice to see so many familiar faces.

My main area is still British Central Africa and Nyasaland but now dabbling more into the fiscal varieties and helping Rhodesia Study Circle out with fakes and forgeries for their next memoir. Still have time for Cape triangles, blocks from almost anywhere and nice SONS!

Like Jim I tend to hang out more on stampboards chasing well known frauds.

Still travelling a lot China 3 times in the last 8 weeks, this trip was Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing and Chengdu, gets easier now BA fly direct London to Chengdu. Seeing as I am an official OAP now I ought to think about retiring...........

Baxter and Ruby (bassets) are fine. I live in the deep South, in Poole in Dorset.

-- Peter Gorton

British Central Africa
One of only 3 recorded examples of the North Nyasa fiscal cancel and a SON to boot


I stopped collecting and am selling the vast majority of my collection except for my elephant topicals, and my India and China collections. Unfortunately, nothing to show.  Just nice to "see" old friends again.

I still collect books, but very rarely add anything new to the collection.  I have sold about 1/2 of my books, and am selling stamps on ebay through a friend, and via auction.  I am getting older, and asked my kids what they had an interest in as an inheritance eventually.  If they have no interest, and I no longer look at them, then that collection will be disposed of.  I am returning to one of my passions for many years (sidetracked by stamps) of collecting ancient coins.   I still intend to collect India and China, although the India I need to organize into a true collection, then I may donate it to an Indian cultural museum I know.  I don't want to pass on, and have my kids look at something and say, "what the heck is that, and what am I supposed to do with it".

-- Vic Horadam


Still around, though spend most of my stamp time on glen's stampboards.
Very little time on eBay, for the same reasons given by Ken [srailkb, ed.].
Also retired due to medical problems and too much government intervention.
It looks like my cancer was captured in time.
Made up for all the hospital time by cruising the Caribbean.
Still collect volcano stamps.

-- Jim Whitford-Stark

Volcanoes on stamps


I have sold almost all my US collection, and while the lesser items have realized slightly less than I paid for them (on average) the better items have realized much more.  I'm assuming there is a movement underfoot by collectors towards the better items, and in better condition.  I had to stop selling this year because I was running up against the level of sales at which eBay starts reporting to the IRS.  While my buying/selling of stamps has been a wash, meaning I would owe no taxes on the sale of my collection, I do NOT want to go through the torment of gathering all the paperwork necessary to prove this to the IRS.  The last items I have left are Scott 1, 2, 6b, 7, 712L2 (big plate crack), 8, 8A, 9 (40 positions), 10A, 11, 11A and 12.

I have "kept" my collection even as I sold it, creating pages in Word with the images of the stamps life size and all pertinent information.  For example, all the stamps at the link below have been sold but I can still gaze upon them whenever I want.

I still have my early Machine Cancel collection as well as my Prexy, Liberty and Prominent American solo-on-cover collections; my inaugural date collection, and of course my Oct 5 collection, which won't be sold, although the others will, starting next year.

I am only actively collecting Arizona license plates.  The ones I need show up very rarely, so my buying is of the few-and-far-between variety.

-- Jim Baughman

US collection 1857-1861
Perforation flip comparison test
10c Issue of 1855-57
Scott 64, 64b, or 65? Pink, rose pink, or dull red
First 3¢ Stamped Envelopes
Grilled Stamps
Large “Banknotes”
A foolproof way of identifying the “soft paper” of banknote printings
First Bureau Issues
Abe Lincoln’s “tiny eye”
Washington-Franklin stamps of 1908-22
2nd & 3rd Issue Revenue Designs
Colors, Scott 70/78, 24¢ Washington
15¢ Oliver Wendell Holmes TYPES, Prominent American series


I'm still around, but the Public Library where I access the web uses a service that generally blocked the old board.

-- Jim Lawler 


Good day to all!!  It is nice to see all the old long-standing friends. I'm still collecting my US, Jamaica, Columbian stamped envelopes, UN and other items although not as actively as 10 years ago.  There are other things which take my attention.

I do believe that the eUSC was founded in 1999 with Greg (g.1) as the first president.  As I remember I was the promoter of creating such a club.  I served as the APS rep early on.  I had been one of the early users of eBay and was an eBay Ambassador at the time and was interested in keeping the stamp chat board active and interesting. 

I do think the old bulletin board format was more interesting than the current format.  I have counted how few new items are posted each day and there aren't many new subjects nor many new answers.  The result has been that I rarely look in or post any more.  I'm also fighting some health issues - general deterioration - which have kept me occupied for the last 4 years.

Earlier this fall I was trying to keep up with the impacts of the flooding in Colorado and, in particular, Estes Park, where my daughter and her husband have a printing and shipping business.  They had damage to their house (flooded a completely finished basement) and severe business dropoff at the shop.  The town remains in great economic distress as it is totally dependent on tourism and acess to the town is extremely limited. 

One of the ways of keeping up with the events was the Facebook page of the town.  I thought I had to register with Facebook to use it and I did.  I didn't have to but I've been surprised at the number of people who have contacted me regarding being 'friended' on facebook.  Right now I'm recovering from a major computer failure without a backup (my bad - I do know better) so I'm trying to repopulate a new computer tower (Asus i5 Win 78gb ram 1000gb disk) to go with my more-or-less new Asus i5 Win7 laptop.  My learning curve has been slower than I had hoped for.  I really found out how much was on that pair of old XP machines with 8+ years of files.  I also found out how much I had forgotten about getting computers up to speed.  In any event it may be some time before I get the time to activate a Facebook page for myself  and return the friendship others have shown.

In any event, It is nice to see the people who have returned to this site to reconnect with their fondly recalled past.

-- Jim Watson

Introduction to Stamp Collecting
Today in Postal History
Notes from the Past


I'm still around... moved from American Samoa to Arizona then to North Carolina.

 I'm collecting USA Washington-Franklins and also accumulating items that interest me.

-- Matt Stoll

USA PPCs, 1912, 1917

The top postcard was postmarked at Silver City, New Mexico Territory 05 January 1912, the last day it was a Territory as Statehood was granted 06 January 1912.

 The bottom card postmarked Buffalo, NY 02 Nov 1917 when the War Rate went into effect.  Postcards were 2¢.  This postcard was franked with a 1¢ stamp and there is an auxiliary marking DUE 1 CENT.


I'm still alive but not kicking as much as before. It's nice to see many old faces.

My main collections is still Sudetenland 1938-46 and Danish Postal wrappers. The last I have now got 3 gold medal but find it very hard to find new material.

I have sold some of my collections but do still collect Latvia, Belgium, Bosnia Herzogovina, Germany 1933-45, Italy "Lavore" issue and Postal wrappers from Switzerland.

At the moment I work most with my Swiss wrappers and try to build a 5 frame exhibit.

I do now and then write articles to stamp magazines in Denmark.

I still sell at Delcampe but have mostly dropped selling at Ebay as someone claimed he didn't receive a lot of a price of $700 and even I had sent it certified, I lost the money.

By the way STAMPCHAT+ does still exist. :smileyvery-happy:

-- Knud-Erik Andersen

Sudetenland 1938-1945 exhibit
Danish Postal Wrappers 1872 - 1946


Past President Malolo checking in. I forget, but I think I was #5 after Paolo. He is the only person I've not heard from. Last contact was sometime in 2007 when he linked to my razor cancel exhibit on an Italian site where they were discussing Güller made cancelers.

 I've pretty much completed all I will do with my razor collection though I still make finds.

 Other activities include a single frame exhibit I put together "Made in Switzerland."

 I followed up and more detailed, a single framer of Güller made cancels for Latin America.  This was shown in Chicago last year and led to a collector specialist of Mexico contacting me. He ended up writing a multipage monograph about the Mexican cancels made by Güller. It will be published sometime after the New Year and reveals new information about which towns had cancelers, and which have never been seen. My guess - after the publication collectors will start looking for the missing towns! My job was complete by scanning the Güller proof books showing all Mexican cancels made in Switzerland.

 So I've been active and continually buying things on eBay.

Another thing I've been doing during the past year is uploading images to Panoramio, which is Google's access to images for Google World and Google maps. If you want to see some images from various places, and flowers, my special interest, here's the link.

I prefer not to use FB because I quit it upon discovering my image and a "Hi Roger" once when crusing the internet to buy something (non-stamp related). It was obvious that faceBook had sold something to someone wihtout telling me my face would show up on a random website. It took many pages to find the "delete my account" from Facebook, only to be told it takes about 2 weeks to disappear. In the mean time I received an email about every other day asking if I was sure I wanted to delete my account. Like, it's so difficult to open a new one ? 

My preference to stay away from Facebook for that reason.

-- Roger Heath

De Coppet Razor Cancels of Switzerland - Rasierklingenstempel
Processing Mail at the Hotel Schweizerhof, Luzern: 1856 - 1963
Made in Switzerland
Güller made cancels for Latin America
Panoramio - places and flowers


Good evening to all from NC!!! After spending 7 years living in Brooklyn, NY while working in the NYC metro area, the wife, animals and I returned to beautiful North Carolina in June 2010. Now retired, we do manage to keep busy working in our yards, raising our critters and trading stamps with people we have met on the internet. I have been doing several swaps lately with collectors in Iraq & India, obtaining material for Mitch Ward online WW collection. I am still collecting pre-1900 US, Canada, Europe & Brit. Cwlth. issues. Good to see some old names still are around.

-- Mike Owsian


Hi Jeff!  I'm over my head in Machins! It's tough to distinguish Photo from Litho with these old eyes! I'm sorting by booklet straight edge, which usually are litho.

I've got the phosphor bands under control though, some easier than others.

Christmas Day: Been retired one month now and STILL can't find the time to work on my collections due to my Honey-Do lists!

-- Burton Smith


I'm still around, mostly in the shadows.  Not thrilled by the recent format changes but I suppose everyone will get used to it. The facebook page is an interesting idea.

I'm still doing the same things (various aspects of Ohio postal history) but have added a number of other things that are in various stages of accumulation, and have been working to organize a whole lot of different things (I've been pretty disorganized ever since moving to this house in 2008 and am finally trying to get control of it).  I haven't taken a table as a dealer for a number of years but am aiming to do that in 2014 just to start getting some stuff out of the house! 

Biggest addition is US Postal Savings/War Savings, which matured quickly from my first purchase at the beginning of 2009 to an 8-frame exhibit that won the best US exhibit at the Garfield-Perry March Party [national level show] in 2012.  That exhibit will be at Chicagopex in November.  But I also started playing around with some foreign material - I have specific sets from South West Africa, Trinidad & Tobago, Libya, and Ecuador for which I'm collecting uses on cover.

-- Matt Liebson

Ohio Stampless Cover Gallery


I'm just delighted to see Sheryll & Anne  ("Anne!") in charge of the EUSC.  What a great pleasure to see you both here!  

Plus all the other familiar names as well.  I'm genuinely heartened to see what seems like some long-lost friends here.  Some of us have been through a lot together over the years.

I ended up spending a couple of years on the East Coast, but in the South, and was hoping to get up your way, but never did. (Weather and time never lined up properly.) But I've been back out here in So Cal for the last year or so again.

Still primarily focusing on Japan, but also beginning to downsize and deaccession sell off some things that I've held on for reasons unknown even to me. (It was moving that caused me to realize how much philatelic material I had accumulated over the years.)

-- Dave Frick


This is my first time posting to the eBay Users Stamp Club. Seems like a great way to connect with fellow collectors!

I focus on the Rhodesias - in particular Southern Rhodesia, including town postmarks.

-- Best regards, Mark


For those of you who don't know me or may not remember, my specialty is postal history that has the 24 cent US 1861 stamp (scott 70, 78, 99) on it. 

At present, I run a small diversified farm in Iowa. I grow vegetables that I sell through a CSA Farm Share program and I raise poultry. So, I have a natural affinity for the connection to agriculture/horticulture.

Yes. I am the same person who was working toward a PhD in Computer Science and who taught college courses for a while as well. My how life changes.

-- Rob

P.S. Yes, I did complete the PhD. That might explain why I farm now. Or maybe it doesn't. :)


In case you’ve forgotten, I collect New Hebrides stamps and postal history, mainly prior to 1950.
It started out as something to specialize in (1995), but my Canberra stamp club members (mentors) soon had me exhibiting (2000-2004).

Once I came over to Oregon I started exhibiting it again (2006-9).
Thanks to billsey for his continued encouragement and help, basically from the day I landed, and for the Oregon Stamp Society for providing the stamp shows! 

I am one of those who need a bomb under me or a deadline to write up anything, so much of my stuff is in workbooks.
Trips to Australia/Mexico over the last 4 winters have interfered with plans for exhibit re-writes.
Last year I had a windfall of new early material, mainly from swaps or gifts, so I have something new to write up.
I plan to try matting my material this winter, but I don’t think it will make it in to PIPEX 2014 next May.

On one of my trips to Australia at the end of last year [2012, ed.] I found out I had Parkinson’s disease, so luckily I was able to sort out visits to a specialist, medication, etc at affordable Ozzie prices. This year is better than last year in a lot of ways.

My latest project is writing up the eUSC history [basically completed by Mar 2014, ed].
It started as a one-page exhibit for our local stamp club in early October, and mushroomed from there.

Update Sep  2015:

I prepared a 16-page exhibit of the eUSC history, and it was shown at NTSS 2015 in Portland.

At present I am not acquiring New Hebrides material because of the cost and it being hard to find. I have instead been dabbling in easily available and cheap US oddities, and other areas which come from ideas for displays. Also, I have started selling on eBay, mainly my husband's stuff. He does the stamps and books, and I do mostly covers (with his write-ups).

-- Sheryll Ruecker
New Hebrides exhibit pages
eBay Users' Stamp Club


Late as usual. Still collecting U.S. and worldwide.
Working on Belgium at the moment, have been using Steiner pages for WW.

-- Steve Olcott


Hey hey, looks like the gang, for the most part, is all here again! I've sort of been collecting off and on for the past 10 years or so, but recently decided for a change. Most of the old timers here may remember I was into Spanish stamps. Well, I have been slowly selling off items and reducing my Spanish collection and using those funds to get mew started in the fascinating world of Danish and Swedish stamps. I've been on a few buying "binges" (accumulating) while I get my feet wet in this new area. Mostly small-medium collections and lots, nothing too specialized yet. Now I have a pile of new stuff that I am currently sortingthrough. Also designing custom album pages for both of these countries using Album Easy software.

Nice to see so many familar faces here.

-- Richard


I'm still a full-time US dealer (since 1996) and occasionally even sell things on eBay, although their higher prices, head-scratching policy changes, onerous requirements to maintain TRS status, etc. have pushed almost all of my business elsewhere.  That's too bad IMO - eBay used to be a great place to sell stamps.  It took a conscious effort to wreck that, but they seem to have pulled it off.  LOL.

 I do have a few personal collecting interests including all US varieties (shades, die, paper, etc. -- basically anything "weird" or "unusual") and the 1893 Columbian Exposition (stamps, postcards, postal cards, world's fair cancels, plus general memorabilia, both philatelic and non-philatelic.)

BTW, earlier this year I totally redesigned my website and changed my business URL to srailstamps.  In the past, I posted many scans here (shade studies, reperf studies, various die & paper varieties, etc.) from the "srail" domain and those will now be broken.  If you're digging through the chat archives, see a broken link and would like that scan, feel free to contact me and I'll email it to you or post it here!

-- Ken Srail


Hello to all and my apologies for arriving so late. It has been a pleasure seeing some old faces again.

I no longer collect but it is still in the back of my mind as an activity I should take up again at some time.

I am semi-retired now and involve myself in a number of small money earning activities which include courier work, second hand furniture dealing, undertaking work and movie extra work. No speaking parts...just get the odd job. Just finished a day's filming at the Gold Coast. Cannot disclose the title yet but it was set in Bali in 2005...I am sure most aussies can work it out. Due for release next year.

In addition I play tournament poker and attend trivia nights. It is amazing the knowledge that having been a stamp collector can bring to a trivia night.

My website server has disappeared (boomspeed) but one of my exhibits still exists on Exponet. I still have all the info that was contained in my website and it is available to anyone that wants it. 

I remember when Jimbo suggested starting up the club and immediately put my name down to join hence I am one of the founding members. I think there were 13 of us, but not sure. 

In answer to the question of who wrote the constitution, I recall it was a generic constitution that was taken from another stamp club and adapted to our needs (paperhistory Matt might know). I do remember as president I moved a number of amendments for it to be updated which were passed. I was also Media Relations Officer for 2 years before I was president.

-- Marius Wytenburg

Postal History of the Brisbane GPO 1840's to 1913
Queensland Travelling Post Offices


My name is Maarten, I'm Dutch and I collect triangular stamps.

It's good to see so many familiar names here. IO Jim, David Benson, Antonius Mitch, malolo Roger, knuden, and of course Anne, Sheryllllll. Great!

I still collect triangular stamps the way I did, but since my collection is nearing 'completion' ( a word unknown in philately) it is harder to find anything interesting + affordable. Latest addition I was really excited about was the cover on the attached album page.

I also haven't heard from Paolo 'vonbag' over the last few years. I'll try to get in touch with him  or Michelle, his wife.

And I truly miss Bob from WA. :-(

-- Maarten Willems

Mozambique triangle stamps and cover


Being back here brings back a lot of memories. I have absented myself for no reason in particular. It just that I am voluble and volatile. It is from when one of my feline guests died, I think. I got totally crazy. I am from Barcelona ! Hehehehehe. I hope to be back soon.

I have been doing all sorts of other things in the meanwhile. They were looking for me at the local stamp club. I hid myself like Inspector Clouseau.  I became transparent, like a ghost.     I still have all of my stuff. No improvements of  important significance, though,   I got new interests.  I found out  -- maybe -- a new interesting theory about the 4th Issue of Sardinia.  But I have to find out where I wrote it down.

Kind regards,
-- Paolo loose cannon Bagaglia

Non-eUSC Members


[My little girl] is doin better than i ever hoped for
of course i blame it on stamps
the knowledge contained in stamps has given her a real edge in many subjects
of course here i do not have to explain that

13 in a few days getting tall
and yes she still likes to bat those blue eyes at the Old guys
of course my next fear is all the young gentleman at the door

her collection fairly complete in US she stopped at 1954 Liberty series
of course it helped that for years stamps were on her lists of Holiday gifts from all family


Hello, all.  Wow, a lot of the core group!

At age 71 I figure it's time to cut back a bit on acquisitions, so I've passed up some of the mint US offerings that would've been too much to resist in the past.

But I did start collecting mint US Duck stamps, which I had previously avoided because prices had become quite high.  Apparently collectors in hard times skimmed off some of the fringe items from their US collections, because for a couple years there were some bargains that were just too good to refuse.

Of course among the Federal Duck offerings there a lot of the usual earlies in rough shape, and for the first time on eBay I had to return a couple items that turned out to be used stamps - with signatures removed and regummed.  But hidden among that usual junk were better gems from careful collectors.  It was great shopping while it lasted, but the bargains seem to have mostly disappeared again.

Anyway, it's nice to see the board rejuvenated.


Just seeing whos still kickin' here.

Go to Covers!!

-- Jeff Switt

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